Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Departments: February Events

All of your information is here! Get news about all of the departments now.

It’s too lit!

February is an exciting time for KSI because we have so much going on, especially within our departments! This is going to be the convenient place to get all of your information and links at once.

We have removed the minimum post requirement for all departments. Now anyone can participate and win in anything!

News & History Stuff

So You Think You Can Write: Gamer life is live until February 27th. Tell the community about the first gaming experience you had that led you to a life of gaming.

Monthly Spotlight is live until February 28th. Go nominate someone for Member of the Month and/or 7 of the Month! Winners will receive a Member Spotlight interview from the News & History Team as well as win a forums award.

News Anchor Applications are open February 24th. We are looking for personable, goal-oriented people who can speak in straight lines. This show will be a 15-30 minute show once a week on Monday nights at 7 pm EST. Apply if you are interested!

AAP Happenings

‘Of the Month‘ nominations are live until February 28th. Go nominate people for being amazing! Make sure to represent your divisions.

AAP Staff Applications are open until February 28th. If you are interested in becoming part of the Awards and Achievements Program, apply!

Productions Shows

February Short Clip and Montage Submission is live until February 28th. Get any quick scopes that you’re proud of? Submit them here! Did you get a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner? Share it with us!

Town Hall is at 8 pm, February 23rd. Subscribe to to watch! The Q&A submission thread will be open until the stream.


Graphics team is always hiring! If you are interested in doing graphic design, stop by and apply! They can also help you get access to Photoshop. Simply copy and paste the application into a new topic to apply.

You can always stop by and request Xbox Gamerpics and signatures! Stop by if you need anything. Graphics is here to provide us with graphics!

Tournaments and Events

Weekend Warfare this weekend, February 24th, is a 3v3 Bomb tournament on Rainbow 6: Siege. Sign up to represent your division and kill some people!

Weekend Warfare next weekend, March 3rd, is an Uno tournament. Sign ups unlock on the night of February 24th.

End of Information

There are many things going on in the community. Hopefully, having all of these links in one place is helpful. Make sure to participate and represent your division!

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