KSI History: Eternal Souls

Eternal Souls is a legendary division in KSI. Come see why!

Introduction to Eternal Souls

Eternal Souls, a division in KSI, has a rich history with amazing stories of success.

Many great leaders have risen through the ranks from ES. It is a division of success and knowledge. It is a legend for having an encouraging and family type atmosphere.

The Birth of a New Era

Dark Legions split into Eternal Souls in October of 2013, with divisional leaders KSI UBeeDum 7, Founder, and KSI Dragon014x7, Co-founder.

The squads consisted of Wicked, Hydra, Demons, and Lycans.

KSI Doctor 7, Chief Technical Officer, shares his excitement with ES, “Congratulations on your division split! You guys came up with an awesome name for the new division, too! I hope that you all prosper with this new undertaking in your KSI careers! I’m proud of you guys! <3”

First, Banshee was created in December of 2013. Lycans split to create Cerberus in December of 2013.

Next, Banshee splits just months later in March of 2014. This split resulted in a new squad called Incubus.  Typhon is created in March of 2014.

In May of 2014, Eternal Souls hit a huge milestone: reach 600 members.

Astonishingly, the most amazing circumstance occurred. Eternal Souls had grown enough to split and create Legendary Warriors, on June 14, 2014. Honestly, Eternal Souls itself is a legend. ES wasn’t even a year old when they achieved their first split. All of the leaders who achieved this will be remembered throughout KSI History.

Later, the squad Hydra split to create the squad Ragnarock in June of 2014. Members throughout Eternal Souls are in awe of the work ethic of the division. Members, leaders, and squads have grown successfully and continue to do so.


The history of Eternal Souls will only grow and flourish as it always has. ES has a much more in depth history, therefore there will be more updates to come!

Who knows what lies behind our histories? Most certainly, the answers are pride and joy! We, as members of KSI, strive to grow the community and to be a family that others can count on. Eternal Souls embodies that ideology and will continue to surprise us as well.

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