KSI Speaks: Real World Lessons

Leaders share their knowledge about KSI’s real world impacts for members.


Is there anything that we learn in KSI that also applies to the real world? The answer may surprise you. We took the time to interview some members of KSI as to how KSI has impacted their personal lives.
Read what they have to say and hopefully learn something from some of the leaders who make this community what it is today.

KSI Speaks on Real World Lessons

KSI Officer Pup, Officer in FI

“Well, I have learned many things. For example, even with myself being an independent person, that it is more productive to work as a team as well as more efficient and enjoyable. I have also had the pleasure of learning vital leadership skills and how to keep the attention of many others. Currently, I work in a prison with people with many different mentalities and personalities. KSI helped me build communication skills that have helped me as an officer communicate with inmates.”

KSI JaneDoe, Officer in ES

“I joined KSI in December of 2015. I was about 16 years old and I was shy and timid. Later on, I was mentored by KSI True 7 and a few others. It wasn’t long after that I became interested in becoming an officer in Wrath DM. After much hard work and many tests, I had made it to an officer. It has taught me many things I was able to apply to my own life such as responsibility, kindness, and leadership.
I have recently joined back and became and officer again. I see the changes I made in the people I have trained and helped. They are more confident in themselves an their own lives as well. Being able to see young people grow like I did gives me so much more to my gaming life. I have made life long friends and have been able to set goals, mange my time and become a leader my mentors would be proud of.“

KSI Gary 7, DW Founder

“The one thing I can quite honestly say that KSI has taught me is to never give up!! No matter how hopeless a situation seems to be, there is always a way out, and it’s down to you to find the answers and the solution! It may not always be easy but with enough faith in yourself, you can pretty much beat anything! I have applied this in my career, although I already kind of did it. KSI has really helped me to be able to channel my energy into finding solutions and ways to make my life easier.“

KSI FuzzyMeep 7, CEO

“I have learned how not to react right away with emotion when I’m a conflict. It is better to sit and look at issues from all angles before confronting it. If you can argue the other persons point as well as your own you, will find the correct answer and best resolution.”

A Piece from Myself

“I have figured out just how massive communication is within a team. If there is no communication, how can something expect to run efficiently? If someone doesn’t take charge and lead a group, how can we expect to survive? Leaders are critical to both the community or to real life practices.”


As you can see, everyone takes something different from the community. All that we learn can be insightful into our own personal lives. So I leave this in your hands. What is something that you have learned in your time in KSI? Has it helped you in the real world? Leave a comment with what you have learned.

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