Video Games & Your Health

Video Games rot your brain. Old wives’ tale? Or is it true? Check out what KSI WHISKEY82 has to say. But don’t forget to save your game first.

“Video games will make you dumb, lazy and are bad for your vision!” I’m sure we’ve all heard at least one of these disparaging claims at some point or another. Fear not my fellow gamers; I’ve comprised a list of things that disprove those vile claims and actually support quite the opposite. Here they are, as well as a disclaimer for you so we can address each in turn.

Claim #1: “Video games rot your brains” 

Well, I believe we all know better than this!

Studies actually show MORE neural activity when someone is gaming. Gamers also often have quicker decision making skills than non-gamers, which of course makes sense. As gamers we are faced with important decisions as to the outcome of our gameplay all the time. It stands to reason we are well practiced at this.

Claim #2: “Video games don’t teach you anything” 

Ummmm. The hell they don’t!

I’ve learned about actions, consequences, honor and the brutal reality that at any given point in time I could step outside and be savagely beaten down by a raging Bullymong! Okay, I digress. That last one hasn’t happened to me…yet. As is it with any venture, there’s always something to be learned if you’re receptive to the lesson. Therefore I say loudly and proudly, for all of us to hear – this claim is FALSE!

Claim #3 – “Video games are bad for your eyes”

This is a tough one folks. Gaming in a dark room or for extended periods of time can in fact be bad for your eyes. With that said, be smart and game in a well lit room and take breaks every once in a while if you start to feel eye fatigue. Everything in moderation is the key here.

With that said, experts have found that gamers actually have better and wider peripheral vision! Why, you may ask. It’s simple really; the eye is controlled by muscles and gamers are in a constant state of working out their eyeballs! Gamers notice more of their surroundings visually because our eyes are literally more practiced at noticing things in our peripheral or in the background!

Claim #4 – “Video games will make you fat and lazy”

I really don’t even want to address this claim. Video games don’t force people to eat poorly or to not exercise daily. Again I stress moderation. Perhaps instead of grabbing that Mountain Dew and some Doritos, find an apple or some veggies to snack on. That’s all on you guys and gals! For me, its salted radishes and beer! Yum!

So in conclusion fellow gamers – MODERATION is key. I hope I’ve provided some fun knowledge for you all refuting all the old sticks in the mud who’ve told you any of these claims.

Game on safely, take breaks and beware the Bullymong.

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