Apex Tips: Part 1

How much do YOU know about Apex Legends? Here are some tips & tricks for all players – part 1. Pull up a seat! Class is in session.

The most popular game of 2019 (so far) has a lot of secrets. Whether you’re a veteran player or you just started playing Apex today, there might be some things you don’t know yet. Feel free to pass this along. The road from noob to tryhand is only as short as you allow it be.

Here we go!

When Entering King’s Canyon…

  1. You can push deathboxes around for about 10 seconds after you kill someone. Not sure why you’d need to do this buuuut, there ya go.
  2. All long-range scopes have built in range finders. Just read the numbers on the right side when you ADS and adjust accordingly.
  3. While ziplining, you can jump, turn around and zipline the opposite direction at any time. You can do this while ziplining horizontally or vertically.
  4. Gold weapons cannot be adjusted. You cannot swap or drop attachments; what you see is what you get. The Mastiff and Kraber come with their own special type of ammo. You can’t pick up more ammo, so make your shots count!
  5. If an airdrop’s light beam is still visible, it means it hasn’t been looted yet. World drops are marked on the mini map, fall very slowly and have red colored tops. Lifeline (or “player drops”) fall very quickly, are NOT marked on the map and have blue colored tops. Know the difference.
  6. When you kill an enemy player, their body shield automatically regens to full shield. Check death boxes and snag those full body shields!
  7. You can tell if and when your teammate is firing by looking at their player icon in the bottom left of your screen. You’ll see a blast symbol appear any time they are shooting.
  8. Climb. Use your environment. Don’t be a horizontal, static player. Move your butt.
  9. You can request ammo or attachments by opening your inventory and clicking RB on any of your ammo types or attachment slots. This is especially useful when playing with randoms.
  10. Always let the Lifeline or Bangalore heal. Fast-res or smoke-res takes priority over everyone else. No exceptions. (Unless you’re broken. Then YOU should be the one getting the res while your full-health teammate covers you.)
  11. Listen to your Wraith and your Bloodhound. They’ll give you vital information about the environment around you and whether or not someone might be about to shoot you.
  12. Learn how to fast loot. No one likes waiting on a teammate who takes forever. Prioritize what you loot, don’t carry unnecessary loot, don’t “OVER-loot” and be ready to drop items instead of complaining that you don’t have enough space. Focus on the gameplay. Don’t get engrossed in decking yourself out perfectly. Learn to use what guns you have. A spitfire without a heavy mag is still just as effective.
  13. Jump with your squad but split up right at the very end. Nothing is more annoying than running into a house with both teammates right on your heels. Spread out in your initial drop area. Don’t fight over loot – there’s plenty for everyone. If you’re still lacking, move to another location and communicate as you go.
  14. Use your effing mini map. There’s always that one teammate that takes 18 minutes to loot a building and then complains when they notice their teammates are 3 areas over. Yes, communicate. Stick together. But also be flexible and ready to relocate. Apex is a dynamic game. Move through the map. If you’re slow, you’ll most likely get picked off.
  15. Weapons are not hitscan; bullet drop is a thing. The only way to get better at using a weapon is to practice using it. When someone says “I’m not any good with the Longbow”, it usually means they’ve never bothered to use.
  16. Ping extra loot. Just because you can’t use it doesn’t mean your teammate can’t. Use that RB!
  17. Learn how to adjust attachments on the move. While you’re running, open your inventory and you’ll continue to move in the direction you were before. You can swap attachments, drop items or start using heals while you’re running. An easy way to pick out a new player is to watch if they always stop to drop unwanted loot. Clue them in!
  18. When using Wraith, ALWAYS set your portal and then jump into the void as you run to set the other end. Think about it. No brainer.
  19. Energy weapons have the least bullet drop of all weapons. If you don’t have enough scopes, try using iron sights on your energy weapons.
  20. Make sure your pathfinder is activating his signal beacons. Predicting the flow of traffic across the map is invaluable, especially in the endgame.

Thanks for listening! Part 2 is coming soon.

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