Monthly Top Recruiters: April 2019

Many thanks to all of the hard working members who continue to grow our fantastic community! Come check out April’s top recruiters!


Monthly Top Recruiters: April 2019

KSI members are much more than names on a squad tag. Or numbers on the Omega. Members are the lifeblood of this community. The recruiting process at its core is about bringing NEW members into the family. Giving them a home. People to game with. Friends.

Here are those who have worked hard this past April. They’ve not only put themselves out there to meet and game with new people, but they’ve also brought them INTO the KSI community. They’ve invested time and effort into building their squads and divisions in awesome ways! We want to say thank you and well done.

Dark Legions

First Place
KSI Follow

Second Place
KSI Gespi
KSI X Lucifer X

Divine Warriors

First Place
KSI Artifice 
KSI Starset 7
KSI Majesty
KSI KillaClownz
KSI xKamikaze

Eternal Souls

First Place
KSI IronAngel
KSI Emeritus
KSI Nezu
KSI Banked

Second Place
KSI Nagisa
KSI Daddy Karma
KSI Squishx

Third Place
KSI Jynxie
KSI Torch096
KSI Pathfinder

Sovereign Legacy

First Place
KSI Tigrex87

Second Place
KSI Scorpi0n 

Third Place
KSI Sinikon

Wicked Destruction

First Place
KSI LinkedSiren
KSI EliJimBob

Second Place
KSI Jamcam

Message KSI FadeZ 7 or KSI Greenday 7 with any questions about HSI or the Monthly Top Recruiter process!

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