Turning squad ‘setbacks’ into ‘comebacks’

All of us will face setbacks in life, but only some people learn to turn those ‘set backs’ into comebacks!

The following article was contributed to KSI News by KSI xAchillesx, of Echo LS.

“He is not worthy of honeycomb that shuns the hive because the bees have stings.”


Anything worth something in life usually requires a fight of some sort. There’s a built in law of resistance in the natural world that always requires us to rise up to a challenge when it comes to seeing something good come about in lives.

Challenges, obstacles and perplexing conundrums are the stings of the proverbial bees that anyone seeking the honey of some goal must endure. Pain is part of the process of building anything worth building be it an education, a relationship, a business or even the beard of a Titan.

Building a squad is no different, it’s going to take work and courage to do what needs to be done and often say what needs to be said, it’s going to take strength, knowledge and integrity.


It’s easy to give up under the ongoing weight of working with people, their backgrounds, temperaments, values and attitudes. Hassles can hamstring you and make you unable to move towards your goals or they can harden you like fire strengthens steel.


People need correct and helpful information to accomplish a goal. Sometimes that means enduring more a lot of “Don’t do thats” than we like.

“Any golf swing coach worth his salt will say ‘no’ much more than he says ‘yes,’ precisely because there are a thousand ways to swing a club poorly, but really only one way to swing it properly. So when he says ‘no,’ he is negating a series of negatives, trying to move his student onto the narrow path of the right swing.” -Fr. Robert Barron

If you want a squad to succeed, you need to trust your coaches (officers above you). These are people that have learning the hard way, seeing how different approaches work or fail and have hard earned knowledge that can help you rise above the trauma and drama!


Choosing to be true to your core values, your word and the goals of the group requires integrity. Think of integrity as the quality of the rope that is holding a rock climber on a cliff.

You would want that rope to be the highest craftsmanship to endure the weight of your body. The ‘integrity’ of the rope could mean life or death to the climber. The same thing is true in life, too many people snap when the weight of difficulties challenge their goals.

A good squad is made of people who are not perfect, but are imperfectly aiming to perfect the squad. That means they are trying, working through issues, listening more than talking and are committed to believe the best in one another instead of turning on each other. It means we work to build up one another instead of tearing down one another. It means talking straight but with the goal of working it out not winning an argument.

All of us will face setbacks in life, but only some people learn to turn those ‘set backs’ into comebacks! Be that person even if those around you don’t because true leaders are leading way before anyone calls them one.

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