Should 343 bring Invasion back?

Should 343 put Invasion in Halo 5?

343 Industries studio head Josh Holmes recently stated, “No Invasion but more to come on larger scale MP. Stay tuned!”

The statement is unfortunate news for Halo fans looking for the popular invasion mode from Halo: Reach to return.

Invasion mode was a multiplayer game type where one team of six spartans and one team of six elites would take turns defending and attacking objectives.

As the game progressed, more vehicles and weapons unlocked for players to use in there defense or attack.  There was also an invasion slayer mode where it was simply 6v6 team slayer.

On a positive note, Halo 5’s aim towards 4-player co-op campaign with recent trailers and posters showcasing “Team Master Chief” and “Team Spartan Locke” could mean similar game types to invasion mode in Halo 5 multiplayer.

What does the Halo community of KSI think? Should of 343 returned invasion mode to Halo 5?

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