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Turkey Bowl Recap: Nov. 24 – 26

Tune in to catch the final details of 2017’s Turkey Bowl!


This last weekend has had a number of battles. From the battle of “oh, I ate too much and I am going to nap for a week,” to the battle of the divisions in the 2017 Turkey Bowl.

Battles this weekend varied from a battle of the best singing pipes to who can bluff better than anyone, but still, someone had to come out on top.

Between the turkey and the Turkey Bowl,A? November 24th the 26th has been a great one weekend.

Turkey Bowl Recap


3rd – KSI Ronin 77, Director

2nd – KSI Salem, FI

1st – KSI Widow 7, DM

Rocket League 2v2

3rd – KSI Wabbit 7 & KSI I See Stars, WD

2nd – KSI Jupiter 7 & KSI Meta 7, DM & LS

1st – KSI Bearded 7 & SlackAchiever2, LS

Overwatch Mystery Heroes

3rd – KSI HaloFalcon, ES

2nd – KSI Ronin 77, Director

1st – KSI Blood, DM

Halo 5 SWAT 2v2

3rd – KSI Meta 7 & KSI Jupiter 7, LS & DM

2nd – KSI Enzyme & KSI I EDGE, EO

1st – KSI Breakfast 7 & KSI Alphawulf, CD

Prominence Poker

3rd – AceOfDallas, EO

2nd – BeastShade666, DL

1st – KSI Meta 7, LS


The WWII FFA was interrupted after their first battle. This battle limited the number of competitors to nine finalists.

After an intense few rounds, it became obvious who the winners were. Well, after they were announced!

KSI Furian 7, from DM, came in third.A? KSI Overkill, from ES, placed second, while KSI Cyantific, from CD, placed first.

Congratulations Are in Order!

During the finale of Turkey Bowl, two very important promotions were given to two very deserving individuals.

Please congratulate KSI Gambit 7, former DM Division Leader, on his promotion to Director!

Please congratulate KSI VeRiiTaS 7, former Director, on his promotion to Senior Director!

These two individuals have put so much time and effort into this community and have created many friendships as well as helped many others around them to succeed! Make sure they know they are appreciated.

Forums Poll

To liven the competition a bit, divisions were challenged to participate in a divisional poll to determine which division had the most forums activity over the weekend.

EO placed third with 23 points.

DM placed second with 42 points.

CD placed first with 45 points.


All divisions came out and had a good time! Many surprises awaited us during this event but we still managed to have fun.

Please tune in to to watch recaps of each of these events, and to to read our writers’ input as well.

Keep an eye out for our next big event: KSI Awards Show, coming January 14th. Make sure to participate in the preliminary event to this show, the Of The Year Nominations. Follow the link to participate:


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