Member Spotlight: The Doctor is in! (Part 2)

Our spotlight of KSI’s newest Hall of Fame member, KSI Doctor 7, continues.


I had some curiosity on KSI Doctor 7’s gamer tag and the saying, “the Doctor is in.” Doctor filled me in, stating, “My friends and I all had gamer tags that had ‘Doctor’ in them and mine was a combination of my first name and my last name. My original gamertag was Doctorswellman, which is also my twitch name. When I joined KSI, my gamer tag change was obvious, I became KSI Doctor, later known as KSI Doctor 7. I always just enjoy saying the doctor is in and stuff like that.”

As many of you have noticed, KSI Doctor 7 does quite a lot of streaming. This sparked me with the next question. I asked how long he had been streaming, and if any, how much KSI had an effect on it. With some excitement, Doctor responded positively, “I started streaming when I first stepped down from the board. I was always having connection issues around the time, but I still could stream! I got really into it around August of 2015, when I was watching a streamer do speed runs. When I streamed, it was on El Gato. Streaming has made me more personable and be more than just a leader in KSI, as it helped me be a leader of my own community. KSI has helped my streaming career and I’m glad to say has pushed me further in a great way.”


As we all progress within our KSI careers, we typically have those who inspire us. This brought me to my next question. Curious as to who had helped and inspired him, I asked who his biggest mentors were, and how. With some thought, Doctor began, “My biggest mentor was definitely KSI QueenJess 7 as she taught me how to work with people and how to manage a squad. It was later on in my career that I got to know Jess as a person, and not just a leader. I owe a lot to her and her contributions as I wouldn’t be the leader I am today without her.”

Speaking of influences, I asked Doctor if there were any moments that helped make him who is today. Responding with truthfulness and some advice, Doctor stated, “I came up in an adverse environment in KSI, each division I was in was never the best off. This wasn’t bad, as it was usually just a combination of bad luck and hapless leadership. What I always say is if you want to learn and find the knowledge you want, you have to have and take the initiative, to better yourself. If you want to be a certain rank or get somewhere, you need to take initiative and research it.”


Finishing up the interview, I asked if there was anything else he’d like to add. With both seriousness and amusement, he replied, “Don’t f*** up and you’ll be fine.”

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