The Grind

There are two kinds of gamers. Good gamers and gamers who play Destiny 2. Don’t @ us.

Guess who’s back, back again! Whiskey’s back, tell a friend.

No seriously, tell a friend. More specifically, that friend who can’t seem to stop grinding Destiny 2 for every new Hand Cannon that hits the market. I’ve got something to tell that friend…

Do I have your attention now?

Half of you just raised your drink to toast the truth of this. Wait, who am I kidding! 100% of you reading this agree with me! The half that would disagree, cannot be here for fear that if they take the five minutes to read this article, they wont have time to finish the quest for the new-fangled hoobly-doobly double-shooting solar-powered crucible meta Hand Cannon!

I Digress. Slightly.

Alas, (I’m allowed to say ALAS now because I write for the News Team) I digress. Slightly.

Destiny 2, when it came out, was rather excellent. Back when Crucible was balanced and Gambit’s PVP wasn’t a forced DLC to remain relevant in all other aspects of the game. Back before the endless hours and drudgery combing through the interwebs trying to discover how to unlock those elusive forges. You know, the glory days when it was possible for a weekend warrior such as myself, to maintain a positive kill/death ratio with an actual assault rifle.

I know, I know, many of you can still do that. But me in crucible, with my lackluster armor and two hands comprised entirely of thumbs, finds these two tap thinga-ma-jiggy Hand Cannons very frustrating. It kills any enjoyment I may take from the competitive game modes. It WAS a great game and at times I raise my fists to the sky and ask ” Why Bungie, why have you Forsaken us!”

Pun intended.


If by chance, I happen to catch a hardcore Destiny 2 player reading this, or if you the reader should happen to be planning an intervention for such a D2 addict, please remind them of the giant mass of incandescent gas that burns brighter than my hopes for Destiny 3. The sun misses you!

Maybe if we tell them that the sun is actually a new solar boss and the only way to fight it is to stand in its rays for a few hours a day?

Okay, back to the game, I cannot rightfully fault the players. There is no shame in loving a game and wanting to do well in it. Any part of this paragraph that isn’t redacted by my editor, (AHEM, KSI December 77) I apologize profusely for. I promise this is all in fun and only meant for a laugh or hopefully two.

The Followers

In all seriousness, I actually look up to you hardcore grinders. You guys and gals are some of the most dedicated people I’ve ever had the fortune to meet.

The majority of the people that I hear upset with the grind are actually the people steady grinding! I say to you, NEVER GIVE UP! Continue to inspire the rest of us with your steadfast determination and grit in the face of adversity from a company that demands you play no other game but their own! You are the true heroes. I am just a bitter old man, hell-bent on trying to find gloves for the winter that can accommodate ten thumbs.

As always any comments or ideas for future articles please hit up my Discord @KSI WHISKEY82#0642

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