Spring Break Breakdown

Need a spring break breakdown? Check here!


Whose ready for the hype and excitement of the one and only KSI Spring Break? A weekend Jam packed with action games, excitement, division rivalery all to claim the figurative Spring Break title.

Spring Break Schedule

Starting on Friday we have a Halo 5 4v4 SWAT tournament going on, and we all know thats going to be a Hal-o of a good time.

On the same night another epic battle will be taking place in the realm of the Rainbow 6 Siege. This time its a secure area tournament.

Saturday the battles continue on with a 7’s only FFA challenge. Who’s got the Black Ops 2 FFA champion?

Shall we take things to the arena? By arena I mean the Rocket League field where a dynamic duo will try to overcome the challenge of another dynamic duo. Question is who has the chops to beat them all?

For those missing a good ol game, how does a 4v4 tournament on Bo2 sound? Can you just smell the determination of those Mp7’s and feel the sting of those remmingtons. Man do those shot gunners rule.

Last, we wrap up the Weekend of the Spring break tourney with some extreme fun.

Concluding games for Sunday include:

Overwatch 2v2 Mystery heros. It’s no mystery that only one team can be sneakier then the rest to claim the win here.

We also have the battle of 4 on 4 death match taking place on the battleground of World War 2. Will your team make it though all the way?

Last event set in stone for this weekend is yet another battle of the 7’s. This time is a FFA tournament to be held as well, in the battle grounds deep in World War 2. Only the strong survive this one.


In the end it doesn’t matter if your team wins or just comes out to play. in the end it matters that we all had fun and enjoyed this sweet weekend of endless games and figurative bloodshed.


Big thanks to the Staff over in T&E for setting this up and those participating good luck to you all.

Happy Spring Break guys and gals.

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