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Spring Break 2021 Recap

Spring Break 2021 was the best yet! Did you miss it? Not to worry the News Team has your back!

Spring Break 2021 was the best yet, with fun events, promotions, and the Hall of Fame. The News Team would like to thank T&E and Productions for all their hard work during the event. We also like to thank those who participated in the events, without you we wouldn’t be able to have events like this! This Recap will go over each day and the events that were held that day. If you have any questions about future events make sure to ask your officers and keep an eye out from T&E!

Friday: Day 1

Cold War 4v4 SnD

1st Place: WD- CoD Lycan, Cloud CDL, Vision, KSI N8iV 406

2nd Place: SL- KSI DaKeech, KSI Drastic, KSI Takeo, KSI McBoone

3rd Place: ES- KSI DemonWolf, KSIMONKEYSEE, KSI WaviestSnow, KSIBabyShark

4th Place: CS- KSI Bane 7, KSI Soap 7, La Rejas, KSI Mite


Rocket League 3v3 Soccer

1st Place: SL – KSI Tinc, KSI Twizy, KSI Nobe

2nd Place: CS – KSI Fenny, KSIJERGINOV, killa gangsta x

3rd Place: CS – KSI DC 7, KSI ILLUSIONx, KSI Cryptic

4th Place: ES- KSI DEATHSTR0K3, KSI Rogue 7

Saturday: Day 2

Apex Legends Trios Speedrun

1st Place: ES – KSI VIP3R, LessPositve, KSI Shadow007

2nd place: SL – KSI Star5528, KSI Tinc, KSI Sasake

3rd Place: SL – KSI Sassy, KSI C0unrty, KSI Chummy

4th Place: WD – CoD Lycan, KSI Undying, PinkieWolfVR

5th Place: WD – KSI Big Mack 92, KSI Eko Fate, KSI xSpartan#181

Warzone Quads Speedrun

1st Place: SL – KSI xATHENAx, KSI Nobe, KSIxMitsuki , KSI POTATO

2nd place: WD – KSI BabyTank, KSI Joker, KSI xSnoopxDOGG, Subaru420

Poker Donor’s Event

1st Place: CS – KSI Paradox7

2nd Place: KSI MeShell 7

3rd Place: CS- KSI Uppish 7

4th Place: CS – KSI Bane 7

5th Place: CS – KSI Ish


1st Place: CS – KSI Omarish

2nd Place: WD – KSI xLittio

3rd Place: ES – KSI Rogue 7

4th Place: CS- KSI UwU

Sunday: Last Day

Golf With Your Friends

1st Place: CS – KSI Pastries 7, KSI Rick, KSI DC 7

2nd Place: ES – KSI Rogue 7, KSI Swag 77, KSI DEATHSTR0K3

3rd Place: ES – KSI Barb 7, KSI Vip3r, KSIMONKEYSEE

Halo 5 3v3 Swat

1st Place: WD – KSI Akame 7, CoD Lycan, Redamancy x, KSI Littio

2nd Place: CS – KSI Pastries 7, KSI Fats McGee, KSI WinterMoth, KSI Uppish 7

3rd Place: ES – KSI VIP3R, KSI KinSLAYER, KSI FryBread, KSI StarDragon

4th Place: CS – Szander, KSI KENSHI, KSI Rick, KSI Killer s117

5th Place: SL – KSI Star5528, KSI Tinc, KSI C0untry, KSI Drastic

Closing Ceremony and Hall of Fame

Results for Division Points

1st Place: Chaos Syndicate with 27 points

2nd Place: Wicked Destruction with 21 points

3rd Place: Sovereign Legacy with 18 Points

4th Place: Eternal Souls with 16 points

Hall of Fame

Sovereign Legacy Divisional Hall of Fame: KSI Slick 7

Wicked Destruction Divisional Hall of Fame: KSI xSwag 7 & KSI N8iV 406

AAP Departmental Hall of Fame: KSI DC 7 & KSI Starset 7

Productions Departmental Hall of Fame: KSI MeShell 7

News Departmental Hall of Fame: KSI Tea 7

Tournaments & Events Hall of Fame: KSI Akame 7

Web Operations Hall of Fame: KSI VENUM 7, KSI DropShot 7 & KSI xKing 77

Promotions and News


Join Moderation: KSI Ish, KSI Uppish 7 & KSI Star5528

Senior Forum Moderation: KSI DarkAngel 7 & KSI MeShell 7

Head Information Officer: Food 7

Board Promotions

Chief Administration Officer: KSI DropShot 7

Chief Strategic Officer: KSI Kakashii 77


KSI now has an affiliation with Rogue Energy. Use code “KSI” for 10% off of your order!

The Leadership Council will be starting “The 7th Hour” a community podcast project.

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