Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

Why spend your Spring Break at the beach worrying about catching Coronavirus when you could stay at home and battle it out against the other divisions of KSI! There is a great schedule of games lined up. Do you think you have what it takes to top the boards and be crowned a champion?

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Rocket League 3v3 Soccar (KSILive)
Friday, March 27th: (8 p.m. EST)

Rocket League! Flying through the air hitting soccer balls with some cars (tune of rocket man)! The first event is not one to be taken lightly. Soccer, flying cars, and demolitions are what will take place in this action-packed event. How fast will your heart beat as you compete against other Rocket Leaguers racing around the soccar field at 60 mph? Can you pull off the clutch save or the game-winning goal? Will you fill the stat line? Here is your opportunity to prove your team is the best in KSI.

Apex Legends Speedrun (Not Streamed) Friday, March 27th:
(8 p.m. EST)

Apex Speedrun? What does that even mean? See if you can be the fastest at the speedrun and race to the trophy. See how fast you can go and pray that your feet don’t fail you! Can you go the distance or will you crash and burn as time slips away? Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me cause I’m the Apex Speedrun man!

Rainbow Six Siege – 3v3 Secure Area (KSILive) Saturday, March 28th:
(5 p.m. EST)

Perimeter secure! At least that is the objective of this event. We don’t want a 2319 (a great Monsters Inc. reference)! See if you and your team can hold off a hoard of your enemies and keep your area secure. If you can hold off long enough, then you might just be able to cling on to a Spring Break first-place finish.

GTA 5 Offense-Defense 2v2
(Not Streamed) Saturday, March 28th: (5 p.m. EST)

In a world where your whole life is about being a criminal- by stealing cars and murdering people- and then hiding out from the cops until they forget about you (like a whole minute later), It’s time to watch the hottest race of the year. Think you have what it takes to be the greatest GTA Offense-Defense team in KSI? Prove your skills and show off your wheels in this Spring Break event.

Karaoke (KSILive)
Saturday, March 28th: (8 p.m. EST)

Divisions will compete in the most magical Spring Break event of all. You may see A Whole New World during this event. The event will Make a Man (or woman) Out of You. It can show you Hakuna Matata is a great philosophy of life. Some will say this event may make our members Savages. Why all the puns? Well, it’s time to face off in the Disney Karaoke Spring Break event! See if you can Go the Distance or if you can keep being Part of Your World after this event. This will be tough sing-off, but I’m sure everyone is hoping that at the end, they will be the one to sing I Just Can’t Wait to be King.

Destiny 2 4v4 Clash (Not Streamed) Saturday, March 28th: (8 p.m. EST)

You’ve done a great job so far guardian, but now is the time to test your strength in the crucible. You and your team will clash in a 4v4 event where only one team can reign supreme. Conquer the competition in the crucible and claim victory for your KSI fireteam.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: 4v4 Team Deathmatch (KSILive) Sunday, March 29th: (6 p.m. EST)

Ladies and gentleman the time has arrived for the most brutal battle of the event. Don’t get stabbed in the back by your friends as you compete in the Modern Warfare Team Deathmatch event. Keep your friends close and your enemies respawning as you shoot your way to the finals. Only four people can survive this bloody battle. Can you stay alive long enough to help your team clutch a victory against your enemies?

Donora??s Event: Modern Warfare Gun Game Starts Immediately after TDM

Have you donated money to KSI? Then this event is specifically (literally) for you. Nothing is better than being knifed all the way back to the pistol, and you can be the one to do it in the final event of this year’s Spring Break event (after you become a donor) of Gun Game.

*Members participating in these events were required to have joined KSI prior to 3/1/2020

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