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Spring Break 2020 Recap

A recap of the events and placements for Spring Break 2020

The 2020 Spring Break Event has concluded, and the members were not disappointed. There were some nail biters and a few heartbreaks, but in the end was all in good fun. Here are the results for the 2020 Spring Break Event.

APEX Speed Run

WD locked the win in this nail biter event as they got a kill within the final seconds to claim first and second place.

1st place: WD- KSI xFondu, KSI X Reign DaKeech
2nd: WD- KSI CheekClappr, Shhhkitten, Angela 2k
3rd: SL- KSI Lollipop, KSI DmanBG, KSI Sasuke08

Rocket League 3 v 3 Soccar

WD flew through the air and scored the goals to take the gold in this event.

1st place: WD- KSI xKami 77, KSI Krabs, and xXCOUNTRYXx
2nd place: DM- KSI Rewster, KSI Echo13, and VOIDEXPIR3D
3rd place: SL- KSI DC 7, KSI Bison, and KSI Kakashii 77

Grand Theft Auto V Offense/Defense

There were a lot of crashes in this event, but the DM team emerged without a scratch.

1st: DM- KSI Uppish and KSI JAK KNIFE 7
2nd: SL- KSI Bison and KSI Zakrasil
3rd: WD- KSI Nyx 7 and KSI Akuma


People were on the edge of their seats during this event, which left people calling for encores. In the end, the mic drop was done by KSI Rogue 7.

1st: SL- KSI Rogue 7
2nd: DW- KSI Starset 7
3rd: DM- Luminaris

Rainbow Six Siege 3v3 Secure area

The next event had people sweating bullets as the area was being secured. DW ended up handling the pressure and kept calm as they claimed victory.

1st: DW- KSI X Scorpio, KSIxAQUARIUS, KSI Eko Fate
2nd: WD- KSIDEMON666, KSI AJ1, XxShazamxX
3rd: SL- KSI BloodEmp, KSI SHOCKED, KSI WackinWabbit

4 v 4 Modern Warfare TDM

This event seemed like it was going to be slobber knocker, but in the end, WD breezed past the competition to claim victory yet again.

1st: WD- KSI AtomXGen, Bio Zhi, KSI Cable, YoureUnderFire
2nd: WD- ZPIB, KSI Sushi 2, KSI Cloud#3836, KSI ANTI LEGION

Destiny 2 4v4 Clash

The mighty warriors met at the Crucible, and the guardians of DM proved to be the best.

1st: DM- KSI refined, Holton1, Ea9leEYE18, LuckIrish17
2nd: DM- KSI Atriox, KSI GamingCoin, Pinky1575, KSIxKnightGB
3rd: DW- KSI Refluent, saucyfella2005, KSI Swift IV, KSI Specious
3rd: WD- KSI DaKeech, DisBeliefPower4, KSI ALUSEAN, bearclawthekill

MW Donor’s FFA

Thank you to all the donors that make these events possible. We recognized all donors by allowing them to battle it out to see who the best of the best really is in KSI. It turns out that WD is the best of the best taking all three placing spots.

1st: WD- Bio Zhi
2nd: WD- KSI Cable
3rd: WD- KSI AtomXGen


In conclusion, the 2020 Spring Break Annual Event was spectacular. Thank you to everyone who participated and to those who watched the events. Special thanks as well to the Department members and leaders involved in the organization and management of the events, as without them Community Events would not run so smoothly. The final results for the event where as follows:

1st: WD- 40 points
2nd: DM- 27 points
3rd: SL- 24 points

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