Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

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An inspirational interview with KSI xKing 77!

Interviewing KSI xKing 77 was quite the memorable experience. We had some laughs, and had some interesting topics come up. Honestly, I learned a bit more about him than I thought I would. I found several new ways that he has inspired me personally. I hope reading more about him can inspire others as well.

During this interview wea??ll dive into what has driven him to be a great leader and what has motivated him to be who he is today. I am hoping to bring this inspiration to some of our future leaders of KSI. In this article, we will find out in his own words what his “Why” is. The drive that keeps inspiring him to become a better leader. 

What’s it like to be a Director of KSI?

  • a??It’s a fun time, it’s definitely a different experience but I enjoy being able to be over different divisions and meeting new people.a?? – King

Being accountable for so many people do you find yourself overwhelmed at times? What do you do in these situations?

  • a??Um not really no, I really know how to, separate myself when need be. So i dona??t get overwhelmed, I still try to interact and help as much as I can. Though I know when I get to that point where I do need to take a step back.a?? – King

Hearing how he was able to take a step back and knowing when to do so was impressive to me. Not a lot of people, including myself, realize that it’s okay to step back when you need to. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are all here to game and have fun at the root of it all!

How was it rising up the ranks? 

  • a??I came up the ranks a few different times. Each time had its own experience. All in all, I would say I very much enjoyed it, and ita??s something I could see myself doing again.a?? – King

Needless to say, ita??s something that we have had in common. I thought this was really amazing that I could see where he was coming from. Rising up the ranks is always a joy! I couldna??t help but feel his passion about KSI. He seemed to really enjoy rising up the ranks, and seemed eager to do it again.

What’s your most fond KSI memory?

  • a??Hmmmma?| That’s honestly a really good question. I dona??t really have a fond memory, I have several... Ummmm I wanna say my most fond memory was when I took over DR and completely turned it around and when I stepped away from clan ops for a bit KSI FuzzyMeep 7 message me and said, ‘Thank you for everything you have done for clan ops. You really helped set the bar.’ That gave me feel a different type of feeling.a?? – King

I think we all can relate to a situation that has made us feel good here. The more I listened to King, the more I felt like the things he said were easily relatable. It was still impressive hearing how he had turned around an entire division as well! 

Who was your inspiration going up the ranks? 

  • a??I had a couple different people who inspired me at different points. Most recently I would have to say, KSI FuzzyMeep 7 and KSI Gambit 7. That has really inspired me to keep pushing, even when I felt like everything was over.a?? – King

At this point hearing the people who have inspired him, had me thinking about several members who have inspired myself. Needless to say I think I can definitely add King to that list of inspirational people. It’s nice to be able to think of those who push you to be better and to do better!

Do you remember what your “Why” was when you were going up the ranks? 

  • a??Yes and no. I say that because, there were times that I felt like, I had forgotten my why, or that I didna??t even have a why any more, but I’ve always ended up telling myself this is your why, dona??t forget that. So, I will keep it and will always remember it.a??

What is that why? 

  • a??My why is the members, it’s not about me, it’s not about my achievements to my success, or anything about myself. It’s about the members having a good experience and having a safe place to be, and just making sure they are having a good time in the community. And everyday when I realize people are having fun and laughing. I know my why is working.a?? -King

When you hear a “Why” like that, its almost hard not to feel some sort of way. This is someone who truly cares about those in KSI, and wants to see them do amazing things. Someone who puts the members’ safety and happiness above all else. A member who isna??t thinking about himself, so much as others who are apart of this great community. That is something every great leader should strive to believe in, and should represent as a whole. Hearing his “Why” honestly made my night during this interview. 

If you could give advice to the you from back in the day, what would that advice be? 

  • a??Lose the attitude, and no one owes you anything. So stop acting like the world owes you, because it’s not going to help you.a?? -King

Do you have any positive advice for any future leaders in the community?

  • a??Dona??t give up, even when times get rough and things look like they may not be going your way. Just keep pushing, because at the end of the day, if you dona??t give up. Things will start coming around and you will be happy that you didna??t give up. Trust me I know first hand.a??

In conclusion, I was so inspired by this interview. Taking his advice to heart, and realizing that he was right about several things. One should never give up. Being someone who has felt like doing so at times of late, his words have inspired me to keep moving forward. Just talking to him made me realize that pushing through things, even when you feel like it’s hard, can be worth it. If it’s something you truly want, it can be worth the happiness in the end. I’d like to thank KSI xKing 77 for his time! This interview will definitely be one to remember!

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