Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

Spirit Week 2021 Recap

Did you miss this year’s Spirit Week? Well don’t fear, the News Team is here!! Through this article, we will be recapping the scores, rosters, and announcements for the whole week! We want to personally thank, T&E, Productions, The LC, and all those who participated in Spirit Week! Your dedication and drive allowed us to have another successful event that will absolutely go down in KSI History! If you are wanting more about how to help out for the next event, or how to participate please message your Officer Staff!


Opening Ceremony: Hosted by the LC Team

Apex Speed Runs:

1st KSI Star5528 40 (SL)
2nd KSI Sassy 36 (WD)
3rd KSI Drastic 27 (SL)
4th KSI Kanao 26 (CS)
5th KSI Devil 20
6th KSI Pinkie 8

Rocket League 3v3

1st Place: KSI Fenny (CS)
2nd Place: KSI Nobe (SL)
3rd Place: KSIGAARA2405 (SL)
5th Place: KSI xKami 77 (ES)
6th Place: KSI Velocity (WD)


GTA Overtime Rumble 4v4

1st: KSI Uppish 7 (CS)
2nd: KSI SirBerry (ES)
3rd: KSI T StackG (CS)
4th: KSI Pinkie (WD)

Uno Freak 3v3

1st place: KSI Barb 7 (ES)
2nd place: KSI Paradox 7 (CS)
3rd place: KSI xLittio (WD)


Modern Warfare S&D Core 4v4

1st Place – KSI NoBe (SL)
2nd Place – KSI Harley 7 (WD)
3rd Place – KSI MrCheese (CS)

Cold War Hardpoint 4V4

1st: KSI AtomXGen (WD)
2nd: KSI Sleepy (CS)
3rd: KSI T StackG (CS)
4th: KSI BabyTank (WD)
5th: KSI xKing 77 (ES)


R6 Siege 3v3 Secure Area

1st: KSI ANTI Jr (WD)
2nd: KSI Inked 7 (ES)
3rd: x Beaches x (SL)
4th: KSI ShiniXD7 (CS)
5th: KSI SirBerry (ES)

Halo MCC 4v4 Swat

1st Place – KSI Food 7 (CS)
2nd Place – KSI NoBe (SL)
3rd Place – KSI Barb 7 (ES)

Karaoke Sea Shanties Themed

1st Place – KSI xLittio (WD)
2nd Place – KSI DC 77 (CS)
3rd Place – KSI MU5IKMXR (ES)

Warzone 4v4

1st: KSI NoBe (SL)
2nd: KSI WuTang 7 (SL)
3rd: KSI Kara 7 (WD)
4th: KSI Shadow007 (WD)


Donor Event Knockout City

1st – KSI NoBe
2nd – KSI Uppish 7
3rd – KSI Kakashii 77

Closing Ceremony & Announcements


KSI WuTang 7 to Div Lead
KSI Uppish 7 to Div Lead
KSI Fenny 7 to Co-Founder
KSIShatner 7 to Co-Founder

KSI Asuma 7 to Department Head
KSI Kanao 7 to Department Head

KSI Airborne 7 to Chief of Community Relations
KSI DropShot 7 to Chief Department Manager
KSI DC 77 to Chief Knowledge Officer

Kings and Queens of Spirt Week


KSI xLittio
KSI Food 7


KSI Athena 7
KSI Harley 7

Hall of Fame Inductees

KSI Sauske08
KSI MeShell 7
KSI Venum 7
KSI Swag 77

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