Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Leadership Highlight: Being a Salesman

What can KSI do for me? What does KSI offer that I can’t get anywhere else? What makes KSI different from other communities?”

These are some of the most common questions asked by members, either when they first join or a little time after. They want to know what their membership gets them, an example of this is Sams Club. They offer you bulk items to purchase at a cheaper price in exchange for a yearly membership. KSI offers something similar but for free, we offer a gaming community experience like none other. Let’s break down what KSI offers its members so that you are prepared to answer these questions. 

A huge part of what KSI offers its members comes from Department Operations. This includes Productions, AAP, News, T&E, and Graphics. These Departments all have different specialties and all help promote the overall member experience. Productions focus on streaming and producing montages, AAP gives awards for various achievements, News publishes a wide range of articles and manages the history of our community, T&E hosts Weekend Warfares and the Annual Events and Graphics create gamerpics for our members. All of these Departments do these tasks with one goal; to enhance the membership experience.

Each Department offers activities that every member can participate in and the most common ones are Weekend Warfare, Annual Events, SYTYCW, OTMs, and Montage and Clip submissions. Weekend Warfares occur every Saturday and Annual Events are hosted seasonally, these are competitive competitions and often have prizes for placement. SYTYCW stands for “So You Think You Can Write” and is a writing competition that focuses on a theme. OTMs stands for “Of The Months” which is an award system to recognize the best of a certain rank. You nominate individuals that you feel excel at their current position in order for them to receive an award and recognition from the community as a whole. Montage and Clip submissions are a good way to get your best gameplay clips out on social media. Productions take the clips submitted and combine them into a monthly montage that highlights the month. These activities are extremely fun and members are highly encouraged to participate.

Remember that KSI offers a vast range of activities outside of your squad but what you put into that community is what you get out. If you don’t sign up or participate in these activities then you will not get the full community experience. KSI is what you make it, so make it a fun, eventful, and positive experience that you can share with everyone.

– Written by KSI Food 7, if you are interested in writing materials like these for our community then feel free to contact me on the forums or on discord. Thanks for reading!

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