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Intriguing Wisdom: KSI HARLEY 7

Come read about KSI Harley 7 and her life as the Divisional Leader over Wicked Destruction

Harley the current Divisional Leader over Wicked Destruction has had an interesting experience here in KSI! We are very pleased to have had the opportunity of talking about this experience. The words of wisdom from Harley will be shared for generations to come!

If this war has taught us anything, it is that we are at our strongest when we work together. And if we can put down our grievances long enough to stop something as powerful as the Reapers, imagine what we can achieve now that they are defeated. It will take time, but we can rebuild everything that was destroyed. Our homes, our worlds, our fleets, and our defenses. All of this – and more. Together, we can build a future greater than any one of us could imagine. A future paid for by the sacrifices of those who fought and died alongside us. A future that many will never see. And while we still have many challenges ahead of us… We can face them together. And we will honor those who died to give us that future.

Admiral Hackett, From the EC ‘Destroy’ Ending, Mass Effect 3

How much of a difference is there from General to Division Leader?
There’s not a whole lot of difference, but more responsibility. In my opinion, General, you’re running your squad. As a Co-founder, your learning to lead, and letting the new General run the squad and help with any issues. You are a mentor for them. As time goes on it’s more mentoring the people below you, so they can run the squad or division.

As General, you’re making sure the officers are doing duties, but when you step up and become a 7, that role changes and you are now guiding people more. In my opinion, however, It’s much more satisfying being a Co-founder. You still get your hands dirty, but more of a mentoring and teaching aspect.

What inspired you to become the Divisional Leader of WD?
My members. It’s always been about the members and always will be. It’s not about the rank but making sure my members are getting the full experience of KSI. Like gaming with people, or if they want to rank up. I never truly cared about rank, I mostly care about my members. I’m glad I’m a Divisional Leader so I can teach, mentor, and lead the people below me. Me being a Divisional Leader is amazing, it allows me to work the rank and help focus the Division to success.

When an issue arises, I have the resources to deal with that issue, rather than pass it up to someone. I can make sure something harmful to a member never happens again. Who has inspired me most though, was KSI TexAngel 77. She was my mentor, she taught me what it takes and what it means to be a good role model. She taught me to let go. I also want to teach someone to be better than I am, which also is the reason why I joined education. It’s not a matter of just being a Divisional Leader, but also teach from an education point as well.

What has been the biggest challenge with being a Divisional Leader?
Getting the respect of the members from the squads in my Division. Earning respect as Divisional Leader and have them know that they won’t be forgotten, was challenging. It took a long time to earn the trust, and respect of the squad’s members. There were a lot of hurt feelings when I became a Divisional Leader. A big obstacle was working with them, due to them thinking harshly of the previous 7s staff. It became my job to fix that, and that was no easy task. But when I did, it sealed my bond with them and helped me split a squad.

It took time from being a Co-Founder to last month to get them where I want to be with them. You have to prove to the members that you’re working with them, and not against them, which is a hard role to have sometimes. I have a lot of respect, faith, and trust in them. They put the same respect, trust, and faith back into me and it means more than the rank does. They looked at 7s as all the same due to what happened to them in the past. It took them time to understand that I won’t run stuff like most 7s. I want people to understand that when they come to WD, they are coming to a family that will look out for them. If I can’t do that, there’s no point in doing, what I’m doing.

With WD starting to come back from a slump, what helped to get it out of that slump?
Earning the trust and respect of all the members. I love watching the division grow and prosper, but without the members, I wouldn’t be here. It had to start with a healing process and to get past the hurt and anger that has been there for so long. Did we have to close a squad? Yes, we did. In that meeting when we merged the squad, the General and the Captains said they will bring their squad back in 3 months. They prove it to me, and they did exactly what they said they were going to do. I let them spout all the anger of me closing their squad. I don’t fault my members for their anger, and I don’t blame them for it.

Part of the success is me allowing them to voice how they feel. I also didn’t put demands on somebody. If they don’t know about something, they know who to go to. If you don’t know what to do, we can work on that. But, if you do not say anything, you will be punished. All the officers know that. Are the numbers stagnant, yes. We’re not the world’s greatest recruiters but we still get recruits. Out of our whole division, we might have 10 fluff because we know our members. If you don’t have communication then it doesn’t matter what you do, the division will fall apart if there isn’t communication. I’m thrilled most officers talk to each other, even in different squads. It allows us to communicate issues more than just dwell on them.

How much more involved are you as a div leader than a General? What parts are you less involved in?
I’m less involved in the daily running of the division. The Co-founders run the division, and I guide them. But making sure the Generals and officers are doing what they need to do, I let Co-founders do that. As a General, I did these things every day, I don’t have to do that stuff much anymore. My role now is more of a guide to help people run the squads the way they’re supposed to run. Other than that unless a big situation happens, I help around when I need to, but as far as the daily stuff, all I do is answer questions and make sure the Co-founders aren’t having issues communicating with the Generals and officers. Now I just do member retention and make sure everyone is welcomed!

What are some key skills needed for being a div lead?
Patience got to have a lot of patience. With the ability to teach and mentor the people below you, you have to have the ability to view issues from different angles. You can’t look at it one-sided anymore. As a div leader, you must go through a different thought process than gen. You now have to oversee and delegate everything.

The hardest thing for me was letting go. I started out doing it all on my own, but with the Co-founders, I have to let go and let them learn and do their job. I’m still learning to be the div leader I need to be. I have to teach the Co-founders how to handle those situations, and people need to go to the Co-founders to learn. I have to teach them, but learn to let go and have them be the Co-founders they’re meant to be.

What is one thing you want to do For your division before you go to the next rank?
One thing I would love to see another squad split, that would be amazing. I want to make sure that whoever is in line to take my place, I want to make sure they are 110% ready for their position. I want them to be better than I was running it. They have to understand that running a Division, is about being part of their Division.

There are ways to run a Division and there are ways not to run one. When I leave I want to make sure everyone has everything they need for the next rank, regardless of where I go. I want them to know I’m only a message away, and I can find a way to help them. Not saying it’ll be easy to leave the Division because it won’t be. For 2 years I’ve been in Wicked Discruction, and this is my home where I’ve seen people become better leaders. I want them to understand my position isn’t taken lightly. You have to learn to grow and adapt, you have to be able to adapt to the new leaders, but everyone here is one big family and we work together as a team and family.

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