Spirit Week 2017: Karaoke and Rocket League (Day 3)

Spirit Week Day 3 keeps the anticipation growing as divisions race to the win!


After the first two days of Spirit Week, it is still a close race for the lead. Today’s tournaments are Rocket League 2v2, and the always exciting Karaoke event.


Karaoke started off in a fantastic fashion with an original song about KSI. The creativity and talent this year in karaoke is second to none. All the divisions came out strong with great songs and original performances.

After all the votes had been tallied it came down to four winners. All the winners were all within a few points of each other. With Ronin coming in at first place EO takes the win, Salamander finishing at a close second, and a tie between both members from FI, Dragonball and Babygirl. Well done by everyone that participated!

Rocket League

Rocket league was no less exciting, with an early defeat for both the board team and LS, DR looked to be the early favorites to win. After a heated two rounds of completion the pack slowly began to thin out.

When all was said and done it came down to LS and DR once again in the finals. For the second time this week LS and DR would get a chance to see who the best truly is. With one loss LS would need to beat DR twice in a row to claim victory.

The first match of the Rocket League finals was nothing short of legendary. With both teams giving it everything they had it came down to the final minute. In the last minutes of the match LS managed to outscore DR and clinch the win.

With the LS win the second and final match was set. Pressure couldn’t be higher, both teams ready to give it their all. With an early goal LS took the lead, and it wasn’t until the last two minutes of the game for another goal that came from DR. With one minute left DR and LS are tied, everyone holding their breath. With only 30 seconds left LS scores twice to put the nail in the coffin.

An outstanding performance from everyone that participated! Amazing job from all the divisions competing. At the end of the day the tally stands at LS in first with 17 points, FI in second place with 13 points, and EO at a close third with 12 points.

With this close of a race for first place the rest of the week looks to be just as exciting. With Halo 5 and Black Ops 2 still to come it is still anyone’s game!

Score Count

Dark Legions – 11 points

Demonic Mayhem – 9 points

Divine Reign – 9 points

Explosive Outlaws – 12 points

Eternal Souls – 7 points

Forced Induction – 13 points

Last Strike – 17 points

Legendary Warriors – 9 points

Wicked Destruction – 11 points

Board of Directors/Webops – 5 points

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