Spirit Week 2017: Halo 5, BO2, and BO2 7’s Party (Day 4)

Spirit Week is almost over, but the competition is fierce.

Previous Events

Up until tonight, competition has been extremely fierce throughout all of Spirit Week.

LS remains in the lead with 17 points, with FI and EO following with 13 points and 12 points, respectively. Tonight will either be setting LS in line with the win or will be the defining points for every other division.

Kick-off for Spirit Week Day 4

Leaders are exhausted from rallying the teams, socializing, and competing. Motivation comes from the thought of having only one more day and a winner announcement.

Please make sure to show your appreciation for the T&E staff who planned and hosted these events, for the productions staff who live streamed these events, and for the news members who took the time to write out a quick summary for those who were unable to attend.

Halo 5: Capture the Flag

Turn-out was expected to be well, being that Halo 5 is a fan favorite amongst many KSI members.

Surprisingly well organized, the tournament went rather smoothly as divisions shot each others’ heads off.

Through the laughs and jokes thrown at each other in between battles, the comradery begins to show with the gamers in each division. New friendships are being forged while enjoying senseless violence with no repercussion.

After many clenching rounds and many eliminations, LS takes the lead.. again. DR takes second place, and EO places third.

BO2 7’s Party

With a game nearly at max capacity, we kick off the 7s party night with every division present, ready to show who the best really is. With a knockout style tournament, the lineup included people from every rank from CEO to Co-founder.

Starting out with 15 members, the party was ready to start. The game types would include Gun Game, Sharpshooter, One In The Chamber, and Sticks and Stones.

When all the dust had settled four divisions remained. DM, EO, LW, and DR were all in the hunt for first place. With only two games remaining it was still anyone’s game.

After a job well done by all the divisions involved the final tally stood at DR first, LW second, and EO at a close third.

BO2 Team Deathmatch

After a plethora of matches, including 3 tied games, the final 5 divisions remain. Among those, DR and LW were undefeated by this point.

DM was knocked out in to fourth place for the fourth time this week, adding a sprinkle of salt into the wounds and hopefully encouraging them to make the final push on social medias for day 5.

At the end of the night, WD placed 3rd, LW placed 2nd, and DR won 1st place, undefeated.

Spirit Week Day 5


The last day of Spirit Week is always the most crucial! Many points will be given out for little things here and there, such as social media participation and et cetera. At this point, there is no way to know for certain who will win and who will lose.

There will be many exciting announcements, including the Spirit Week winner, the winner of the Director’s Cup, Hall of Fame inductions, and many more.

Make sure to tune in to the livestream on twitch.tv/ksilive at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Current Scoreboard

Dark Legions – 14 points

Demonic Mayhem – 12 points

Divine Reign – 17 points

Explosive Outlaws – 17 points

Eternal Souls – 10 points

Forced Induction – 19 points

Last Strike – 23 points

Legendary Warriors – 16 points

Wicked Destruction – 15 points

Board of Directors/Webops – 6 points

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