Spirit Week 2017: Closing Ceremony (Day 5, Pt. 1)

Spirit Week 2017 was, overall, a record breaker in many ways.

Closing Ceremony Kick-off

This year’s Spirit Week was definitely a record-breaker in many ways. Surprisingly enough, we had every division participate in every event. All divisions came together to give KSI a super fun and enjoyable week.

Of course, the forums had to go down, otherwise this wouldn’t have been an actual Spirit Week. Accidentally, the forums crashing has become a KSI Spirit Week tradition.

Day 4 Recap

The Day 4 competitions, though fierce, did strongly determine the outcome of the entirety of Spirit Week.

In the Black Ops 2 7’s party, FI placed first, LW placed second, and DL placed third. The Black Ops 2 Team Deathmatch ended with DR in first, LW in second, and WD in third, with a shocking total of 3 ties. Halo 5 Capture the Flag was intense and attention grabbing as LS placed first, DR placed second, and EO placed third.

Throughout all of Spirit Week, LS and DR ended up in the finals together a total of three times.

Social Media and Montage Competitions

The forums crashing disallowed for second or third place in the Montage Competition of Spirit Week, however, first place was awarded to KSI EO’s very own KSIxOblivious. If you wish to watch the video that beat all of the others, you may access it on the forums or on the Youtube channel; www.youtube.com/KSIGlobalGaming.

As for social media, every division was awarded one participation point. FI placed third, WD placed second, and LS placed first. Even though these divisions won the competition, recognition is still necessary for the individuals who helped make it worthwhile. Most noteworthy of these mentions is KSI Gary 7, who earned himself the nicknames of the Great Pumpkin and Garietta.

Spirit Week Winners

EO placed third with 21 points, winning $60 in Microsoft points, and surprising all of KSI with the amazing comeback of the leaders and activity.

FI placed second with 23 points, winning $100 in Microsoft points. They put up a good fight and placed in nearly every event.

LS placed first with 29 points, breaking the record and winning $150 in Microsoft points. Good fight, LS. Well played.

Director’s Cup

Expectedly enough, with LS taking such a strong lead and EO coming out of the woodworks with their teamwork, two of the top placing divisions put KSI Bearded 7 in the lead for the Director’s Cup. This particular victory is awarded with that Director receiving their own forums award, to be awarded to all 7’s during Spirit Week within the divisions lead by said Director. He also received 3 months of Xbox Live Gold membership.

King and Queen of Spirit Week

Last year, Monkey Twerker won king for the second year in a row, while Chicago was dubbed the queen.

This year, KSI Gary 7 was announced as king, while KSI HHooters 7 was announced as queen. Please make sure to congratulate these lovely individuals for their dedication. These team-rallying efforts are definitely light-worthy enough to be recognized throughout KSI as a whole.

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