Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Spirit Week 2017: Halo Reach and Destiny (Day 2)

Day 2 of Spirit Week turns out to be just as competitive as day 1, if not more so!

Kick-off and Forums Challenge Winners

Spirit Week continues with another exciting competition! June 22nd marks the Halo: Reach and Destiny tournaments.

Rivalry is high throughout the community with the Forums Challenge coming to an end, with LS taking the lead with a record-breaking 108 votes! FI kept a close tie and lost with a whopping 104 votes. EO came in third with 75 votes. Congratulations to all winners! It sure is impressive to see two record-breaking forums polls.

As the points stand before the tournaments, FI and LS are in the lead with 7 points each, with DL in 3rd with 6.

Halo: Reach Tournament (Day 2)

Halo: Reach had a slow start out, with LS and FIA?being knocked out in the first two rounds. WD and BOD rocked lobby one, whileA?DL andA?DM were the last two standing in lobby two.

Though surprising to see the two lead divisions take their fall so early in the match, this only goes to show that Spirit Week can still be anyone’s game.

After a long series of matches and angry leaders – who were angry because they had been killed – enduring total exhaustion from socialization, KSI was proud to announce the winners!

Please congratulate WD on first place, DM on second place, and DL on third place.

Destiny Tournament (Day 2)

After the first round of games WD, FI, LS, and LW take the first wins and move into the winners bracket. A heated completion to say the least, the best of the best facing off.

With the winners of round one facing off, it puts the best of the best against each other.A? Tough break for WD, EO, and ES as they were eliminated after round 2. However, with a stellar performance, LSA?wins round 3 withA?3-0,A?while DRA?wins to 2-0. They both head into the winners bracket to face off.

Going into the finals there are three teams remaining. LS, DR, and FI will fight to the death to decide who the best truly is. FI and LS will have to face off to decide who meets the undefeated DR in the final round.

After a long and grueling night, the winners emerge! FI took third place, DR took second, and LS took first. Congratulations to all teamsA?on the effort!

Lessons Learned

As stated above, the start was slow. Let’s make sure every division is preparing their teams for at least 30 minutes before the stream starts so that the stream can start in a timely manner.

Also, backups should be ready to attend should any of the team members disappear for any reason.

Spirit Week is meant to be fun! Let’s help it stay that way.

Let’s make sure to appreciate the amazing leaders we have who make this all possible! KSI VeRiiTaS 7, KSI Mpliers 7, KSI Greg 7, KSI FuzzyMeep 7, KSI Doctor 7, KSI Gambit 7, thank you for all of the work that has been put into this amazing week so far!

UpcomingA?and Prior Events

To see who won the tournaments from day one, follow this link:

To see the upcoming events for tomorrow and the rest of Spirit Week, follow this link:

Make sure to have your Karaoke representatives and Rocket League representatives ready by approximately 7:30A?pm EST!

Keep up the great work, KSI!

Current Point Count

Dark Legions – 9 points

Demonic Mayhem – 9 points

Divine Reign – 5 points

Explosive Outlaws – 7 points

Eternal Souls – 5 points

Forced Induction -A?10 points

Last Strike – 12 points

Legendary Warriors – 5 points

Wicked Destruction – 8 points

Board of Directors/Webops – 3 points



Written and edited by KSI Bearded 7 and KSI True 7

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