Spirit Week 2017: Forums Challenge and Poker Tournament (Day 1)

Spirit Week has started! Tune in every day for more updates!

Spirit Week Kick-off

With the kick off of spirit week as always we start with the forums challenge and the opening ceremony. So far the forums challenge has been a heated race that still hasn’t reached the finish line.

LS and FI took a resounding lead in the beginning, but DR and EO are currently making a push for the win. It’s really anyone’s race at this point with a little over 12 hours remaining. Will the heavy favorite LS take the win again? Or will FI shock the world and take over as the favorite to win?

With the opening ceremony also came the 7s poker night. With a poor performance from the board and directors alike, it was left to the final table of contestants. 7s from all over the community came to represent but only the select few were still standing.

At the end of the tournament it came down to a table of 6 people for the win. Points for their perspective divisions and bragging rights on the line, it all came down to the final table.


With a stellar performance, Bushmaster took the win for DL, with Gambit coming in second for DM, and Doc coming in at a close 3rd for FI – great effort by everyone involved. The cards were clearly in their favor tonight, giving each of them much needed points towards their division total.

With opening day coming to a close, it really sets the tone for another competitive spirit week. All the divisions have come out strong and at this point, it is anyone’s game.

More Spirit Week Competition

The rest of the week promises to be even more exciting with the heavy hitters coming up. The Halo and Destiny competitions look to be the highly anticipated events. With both of these games comes the highest level of competition.

The rest of the week will really show who stands out from the crowd. We eagerly look forward to seeing who comes out on top of the leaderboard.

If the rest of the week is anything like the first day we are in for a week of broken records and spirit week glory. Will LS retain their spirit week crown? Or will the next powerhouse division show they are boss? We will just have to wait and see how this close race turns out.

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