Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Spirit Week 2014 Day 2 Recap

KSI Muramasa 7 has you covered on everything about the Day Two of Spirit Week 2014, Halo Night.

The Halo tournament started off without a hitch on day two for Spirit Week in KSI. The first rounds consisted of Regicide on a custom map created by several KSI members, the perfect map to begin the slaughter and mayhem of the night. The action heated up quick with a flurry of bullets and plasma and a KINGTACULAR! The first games were down to the wire but GZ 1, HD 2, DM 2, EF 1, FI 2, WI 2, LS 1, and GZ 2 moved on with solid wins across the board.

In between rounds KSI HUCKLBERRY7 gave away a $25 xbox card to the person who could correctly answer the yellow candy, which was mentioned the night before. The next round began and was King of the Hill on another beautifully constructed custom map. The action was lightning fast paced and the hills were moving fast while the bodies were piling up on the hills. Plasma grenades cleared the corpses of enemies for the victors to move on. The second round consisted of GZ 1, HD 1, DM 2, and EF 1 in lobby one with GZ 1 and EF 1 moving on. In the second lobby we had FI 1, WI 2, LS 2 and GZ 2 competing with LS 1 and WI 2 moving on to the finals.

In the finals we have LS 1 consisting of KSIxSCOTLAND, KSI APPLEHAMMER and KSIxUMBREON, GZ 1 with KSI MIDSHOT, KSI KARMA and KSI HULK v2, EF 1 had the team hailing all the way from Xbox One of KSI LYMOLOGY, his older brother KSI FURGERSON and KSI TOASTY and to round out the teams was WI 2 with KSI TORCH096 KSI BATMAN 2014 and KSI FAZE. The stage was set on another beautifully built custom map by KSI Havoc and several others, the game type was swat and it didna??t take long for the heads to roll and the bodies to stack up. LS and GZ quickly took out a lead with EF trailing behind with WI taking the rear. LS and GZ went back and forth keeping a strong lead. The match was quickly over and the victors emerged. In 4th place was WI, 3rd was EF, 2nd was GZ with LS taking 1st place and winning the Halo 4 tournament and bringing honor and glory to their division.

The second game of the night came after a lot of laughs and some tears from our COS, KSI QueenJess 7, while talking about a near and dear friend, Huckleberry, who did the dougie in between matches because we broke our forum record of 666 members on in a day!! The first game was Regicide on Abandon for both lobbies. There was one representative from each division. The second round was Regicide on Haven with Fuzzy, Pred, Alfredo, and Harmony competing for the finals spot. Fuzzy and Harmony moved on to battle 1 vs. 1 in a sudden death for the finals against Alfredo. Fuzzy claimed victory to battle Alfredo in the final match of Slayer Pro on Dispatch. Fuzzy put up a strong fight, but Alfredo (SR 130) held a strong lead right off the start and it was all downhill from there. In the end Alfredo took home the win and gained two points for GZ along with the honor for the night. It was an amazing night in KSI and the live stream was a huge success.

Article Written By: KSI Muramasa 7


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