Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

AAP June 2014 “Of The Month” Award Announcement

KSI Doctor 7 and the AAP Staff have selected KSI’s best members from June.

A? A? Every month there is a time period where the AAP (Awards and Achievements Program) recognizes those who have outdone their peers and proven themselves as the best in KSI! This process has members nominate others in a topic within the AAP section, and after a certain amount of time, the topic closes and the AAP Staff deliberate on the awards topic. When the staff members are done deliberating, and the winners are selected, they are postedA?up for everyone to see on the website! So,A?here’s a congratulations to the following members for their efforts in this last month!

Senior Leader – KSI HUCKLBERRY7

Director – KSI DoCNeSS 7

Division Leader – KSI 30thMidget

Co-Division Leader – KSI Sinister 7

Founder/Productions Member – KSI PR3DATOR 7

Co-Founder – KSI Sm0oth 7

General – KSI Kazekage

Captain – KSI EVOx

Lieutenant – KSI Waka IV

Member – KSI BattleFront

GFX Artist – .inK

News Team Writer – ImPeRiiiuM

Forum Staff – KSI Luci Lux 7

Donor – KSI GreendayFox

Success kid approves of your victory.

All the members listed above are the best that KSI has to offer for the month of June. They have shown that they are willing to not only do what is required of them, but also go above and beyond to show their true potential in this community. Kudos to those listed, and remember to never stop doing your best! For those who are doing the right thing and putting in the effort that KSI needs, you may see yourself on this list next month.


KSI Doctor 7
-Head of the AAP

The thread on the forums for this announcement is:

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