South Park takes on gaming commentary

In this past week’s South Park, the episode takes on the state of the gaming world, where people would rather watch others play than play themselves.

On Wednesday night’s South Park, Matt and Trey decided to take on online gaming commentary. Their point? People spend too much time focusing on watching people online playing and commentating on games that they don’t play the games themselves.

What’s the problem, according to South Park?

That defeats the purpose.

Kyle and Stan become “grandpas” because they still love to play games while Ike, Kyle’s little brother, would rather watch PewDiePie and CartmanBrah, yes, Cartman, comment on the games they play.

Matt and Trey, the cartoon’s creators, aren’t technically wrong. KSI even employs this with the embedded live stream at the top of the forums.

The nature of gaming is definitely changing, but the rise of mediums such as YouTube and Twitch has created an entire new arena of game commentating and watching.

Kyle and Stan contend that the living room is dying because of this changing of the guard.

All the while, Randy, who is Lorde, is replaced by a hologram because he isn’t any good at performing. The episode ends with an executive asking Cartman to lead the holograms in taking over.

Still, without knowing how this will truly end, the first part tells us this much – Matt and Trey, who love gaming and have shown that love in episodes before, think the new fad of watching commentators online instead of playing the games ourselves is stupid.

However, it seems that this is just following other sports. Yes, sports. People used to play football, soccer and basketball before the sports were ever broadcast through radio or television.  Once these mediums became available, many would rather sit back, pop a cold one and watch other people play.

It’s a true evolution of the gaming world.

If you want to watch the episode, dubbed #REHASH, please follow this link:

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