Nominate for the KSI AAP ‘Of the Year’ Awards

The KSI AAP ‘Of the Year’ award nominations are open. Put in your nominations and spread the word!

Nominations are up and available on the KSI forums.

Every major Western democracy believes in the power of democracy, and part of KSI is having your voice heard.

George Washington crossed the Delaware River for your right to nominate.

The Beastie Boys fought for your right to party… and nominate.

Schindler’s List was really just a roster for you to use to nominate.

So every year you stay in KSI without nominating your fellow members for awards, you’re wasting the rights our fathers and our fathers’ fathers fought for.

So, what’s the link for you to nominate? Funny you should ask.

So go there soon and nominate people for as many positions as you can fill. Graphics, Writer, Lieutenant, Co-Founder, Forums Staff, General, etc.

Spread the word and lets make the Of the Year awards the best awards we can. We all have a role to play, and the more we each contribute, the better it will be.

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