Relive KSI: Your most cherished moments 2

More KSI members relive their best moments in this community. Go check them out!

KSI Wasp – Lieutenant – Brutal – Demonic Mayhem

Wasp recalls when he first signed up for Weekend Warfare Karaoke; he had no idea what he actually signed himself up for. Having KSI Havoc 7 as his division leader but also Department head of T&E he decided to sign up for Karaoke.

“I thought I’d be singing my heart to Havoc but soon I found out what I really stumbled into… I accepted my invite getting ready to sing not one but with 8 sevens oh the agony.. then my general KSI Jessi told me it was also being Live streamed via the Twitch channel. Needless to say my heart sank even more”

KSI Azrael 7 – Co-founder – Forced Induction

A memorable memory for Azrael was rather mischievous and a time he planned on promoting a CPT to general.

“We basically came up with a scheme where we would pretend to chew out the member and then right before we would hit the crescendo we’d promote him so we brought him into the party and we start over going over all these things people had been saying he’s been doing, like being rude in party chat, cursing out people he was playing with, ignoring messages from leadership and he was trying so hard to deny everything he was getting upset so I then just finished with oh btw your now promoted to general! And he said you guys are a bunch of assholes and started laughing, everyone bursts out laughing because we had gotten him so good and he was a real good sport about it. Later he said he’d never forget how he got promoted because of it’

KSI DoCNeSS 7 – Productions Head

“One of the memorable moments I’d like to share is on the positive end of the spectrum. Recalling Spirit Week 2013, this was without a doubt the most successful community wide event. It was literally a week long, filled with activities every day from karaoke and full house poker tournament gamenight to the single most memorable “BOD Roast” where KSI Illusii0n 7 actually shaved his hair off! What is often forgotten about is that just prior to this week long series of events, KSI had suffered several coordinated hits from another community and morale was down in the dumps as we just echoed security messages. You could almost see in someone’s face the light at the end of the tunnel as they perked up when hearing about and passing on messages about Spirit Week that was coming up and when people were putting together teams to compete.

When we started streaming, it was like for once, in all my time in KSI, we were all there together as a community all at once. The forums exploded to reach it a new record for the most amount of active people online, the stream topped off at a respectable 500+ viewers which previously and since then is unheard of. It just seemed the community for that week was actually a community and we just happened to have a common affinity for gaming. That’s what we did. We had a blast. Motivation was at an all time high riding off of Spirit Week. Morale was peaking and BIG things were happening across all divisions. The thought of unity and cohesion after Spirit Week was at the forefront of leaders’ minds as an achievable goal after seeing everyone together.”

KSI Blackwolf 7 – Co-Founder – Demonic Mayhem

Blackwolf looks back at when he changed his gamer tag and his first spirit week.

“Well when you change your name there is a difference in feeling its like all the doors open to a new plain, really its like everyone looks at you. I had a SGT come to me and told me that as a CPL I was doing an amazing join and I wanted to be just like him. I wanted to make people feel better about themselves with just a few words. Another time was when I was the Captain of the Demonic Mayhem HH Team, we kicked butt but ended up coming second my CPT KSI DragonHero gave me and my team Microsoft points, I gave mine to Crimsonwolf28 who later became KSI Crimsonwolf lol very ironic that he is my brother.”

KSI Mufasa 7 – General – Legend- Last Strike

“I know one was the first time that the custom game Clue was introduced to halo in Ground Zero back in 2012. I remember never having been so scared playing a game ever. You see a player running up to you, the party is dead quiet, you feel your stomach crawl up your throat and your pucker factor reach 100 as he gets closer….luckily he runs right past you and you breath a sigh of relief, until you hear someone pull out a sword right next to you.”

KSI FuzzyMeep 7 – Executive Chairman

“April 26th 2009, my one year anniversary was truly an achievement in my eyes. to begin to make this day amazing i receive my KSI Global T shirt earlier that morning (after like a month or two of waiting), i was director of my home division Fire Storm and my Baby Division SF both which were doing amazing. as the night sets in i crack open a bottle od jamason and decided to celebrate among my friends. as i sit in a party with the likes of dillpickle, lee, mustang, megatron, hypnotik, blush, worst and a few others through out i receive a message from Ksi Darth Sidious 7, now me  and my never ending wisdom assume that a man who i have barely talked to (only spoke to him when i was in pr, never clan ops) thought maybe he is saying congrats….but this was not the case, not even close…it was a message saying i was blacklisted, i repeat blacklisted on my anniversary and as i am wearing my newly acquired KSI Tshirt in a party of equals, lower and higher ranks.

So right away i was in quite the shock, worst player went and asked, due to my inebriation i was told not to speak to Bill. Worst came back to report it was regarding a black ops clan i was in called CBO. It was a community i had informed Worst about and my involvement ( i was in security at the time and Worst was kind of sort of over it at the time), we hit other clans for money (looking back on it, it all seems soooooo stupid but hey i was 17 and liked making some money off the interweb all while making sure ksi was never targeted or involved…again so stupid). Bill did not like it and wanted me out. at this point i was VERY drunk and quite emotional, sitting in a party with worst and Blush they would not let me message anything out, talk to anyone or leave the party. at some point in the night i passed out, i believe i puked but as long as i am telling the story i didnt lol. The next morning i woke up with quite the hang over to my father knocking on the door and bringing me breakfast in bed (only cuz i was hung over, he would never do that other wise). I took a shower, got online and saw that i had a new message from bill, i was no longer blacklisted. I asked Blush what happened and she told me that her and Worst had threaten to quit if i was blacklisted over that situation. so bill over turned the decision.

So this one day i got a ksi t shirt, celebrated my anniversery, got blacklisted for the first time, got drunk, maybe puked, passed out and had two good friends defend my drunkin honor and put there own necks on the line for me. it was one of the best and worst days of my ksi career (pendinig on if i describe it from the night it happened or from now) and it showed me the power of the members.”

Message KSI Jessi if you want to be included in future editions of “Relive KSI.”

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