PubG: A Day In The Life

Ever wondered how your avatar feels while you push him to the edge PubG style?


Survival is why I am here, I live a life that many may not understand, for this is my career.

Constantly dying and re-spawning a never ending cycle of life and death both equally important.

My life is that of uncertainty to say the least, never knowing what lies behind each door, fighting every beast.

After all, I am a character who has been wounded more times than anyone could possibly imagine.

Bandages are everywhere across the land, they cannot heal my wounds for long.

Some may call me paranoid, constantly having to watch my own back.

Then there is the circle, that dreaded blue storm, growing until I have to run until I make it inside or surely doomed as the rest of the swarm.

The Beginning

It all starts in a plane, parachutes surround me 99 others all here with the same objective. That objective is to simply survive. Did I mention I actually have no control over my life at all? Just a spectator living and experiencing the events in before me. The man behind the thumb-sticks chooses whether I have a good day or not, usually not. My dinner consists of energy drinks and if the man who controls my life is good enough I get a Chicken Dinner.

Oh how I crave to be a winner.

I am simply tool and I do what I am told. But, oh how I crave to one day grow old. I never will, never aging never changing only my clothes even of which I have no choice in. Now I spiral to the ground, I must tread carefully and listen for sounds. The pitter patter of footsteps haunt me, better find a weapon or I won’t be getting my Chicken Dinner.

Landing at the marker this random person drew, we are running together today avoiding The Great Blue. I found a Micro Uzi, a vest and backpack too. It is some semblance of a starter pack for life if only I can get a moment to arm myself up right.Running, running, running will we ever find a car? Or even better a Kar98k?

Life And Death

I am learning to survive somehow, at least for now. I have an AK-47 with a 4x scope, no time to kill or stand around as The Great Blue starts to surround.Bob is dead and so are his friends, there are only five more people standing only one team can win. Chicken Dinner is all I crave, well that and to avoid The Great Blue.

My other weapon is an SKS, I fear I will not be able to beat out the other groups of two , my partner has died and I am all alone. Once again left to watch my own back. Running and hiding, this tree is my only friend. Now there are uonly 3 more people to reach the end.

I shoot towards number three and number two as well. I sure hope I don’t die!

Number two is gone now. All I have is three bandages and a slice of hope.  Number one got me, I am hemorrhaging now a sliver of health, I just have to hit him first. I heal then using my weapon  I shoot in bursts, I’m now dying not a bandage in sight! Number two appears on my screen and I tremble with fright, meaning no Chicken Dinner for me. I guess I will wait until the man behind the thumb-sticks chooses a game type next time. Maybe we can get a chicken dinner in my next life.

Here we go again.

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