Positively Positive

Don’t Worry be happy! No seriously, These helpful tips may help.

Why Positivity Is Important


Happiness comes from the inside. Sure external sources can make you happy but it can also be fleeting. True happiness comes from within and a sure fire way to achieve that is to have a positive outlook and share that positivity with the people around you. Who doesn’t feel great after making someone’s day a bit brighter with a kind word or deed? Having positive aspirations goes a long way in securing goals for yourself and others. whether it’s building up a member through positive speech or helping a leader through a tough time, don’t shy away from encouraging speech and kind deeds.


A sunny outlook and bright disposition can be a great impetus for yourself and those around you in achieving their goals. Your positivity can inspire others towards greatness while motivating them to push forward and achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves. Here in KSI your positive attitude can be the pebble in the pond that sends a rippling effect throughout your squad, Div and Department.

Self Esteem!

Look at yourself in a positive light. Take pride in your achievements! Know that you and your effect on others matter and you are valuable. Regarding yourself and your accomplishments positively can be up-lifting and encourage you and others to pursue their goals where they may have otherwise given up. Be the change you want to see in the world! Worry less about what others think about you. Remember to set small obtainable goals for yourself daily to boost your esteem.


Your mind has a proven tie in with your health. Positive thinkers are typically more motivated and energetic. Just training your self to be more positive can even affect your immune system into a quicker response time when dealing with ailments and sickness. There’s merit to putting a positive spin on a potentially negative situation. Alleviating stress through positive thinking is a simple and cheap way to live a longer healthier life!


It’s pretty obvious that a positive person is a lot more fun to be around than a negative one. Being positive can elevate your circle of friends. Soon you will find yourself surrounded by people with aspirations that can also motivate you to do more to achieve whatever your goals may be. Building healthy relationships is vital to every thing I’ve listed above.

It’s Worth It

So take the time to evaluate and potentially adjust your mental. As you can see from the above, the payout is well worth the effort. Small obtainable goals go a long way towards a new and healthier you and repetition is the mother of retention. Don’t be discouraged if change doesn’t come easy. Every day is a new day and a new beginning. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with taking pride in yourself and your accomplishments. Stay humble of course, but please pat yourself on the back from time to time for all the great things that YOU do!

Article by KSI WHISKEY82

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