Including Everyone Equally

Helping our new members feel welcome to our KSI family is important. Here’s a few tips on how to do that from our very own KSI TexAngel77!

Joining KSI is exciting, scary, and fun. Getting to know people and different kinds of gamers is one of the best parts of joining this community. Sadly after a few weeks or even months people begin to fall into cliques. Cliques can be very detrimental to a squad or a division. 

Getting into cliques can be unfair to members and potentially cause a decline in activity by members. Game nights are our first line of defense for including all members in a squad. Another way to make members feel included and part of the squad is to hang out in open parties.

These are parties that people in the division can just join, chat, and have fun and play games. Squad Meetings are a major part of the week to week of a squad and always a great way to get members included. Workshops are not only a mentoring tool but they can include all ranks to a point. 

But at the end of the day, being social and hanging out makes everyone feel a part of this KSI family . With members having fun and enjoying their experience, it can lead to so much more for KSI and the division you are apart of.

Article by KSI TexAngel77

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