What Does News Team Mean to Me?

What does the News Team mean to KSI Widow 7 personally and professionally? Peek in and see what she has to say.


As a challenge to the News Team, News Head, KSI True 7, and I asked all News members to participate in the ‘Of the Year’ nominations in the AAP section. As a reward for every member posting, every member had their choice of award.

The award that KSI Guyy 77 chose, being the first News member to post, was to request an article from both myself and True. His requested topic was “What does the News Team mean to you, both professionally and personally?”

A Brief History

Although I could take two moments to write a small quick reply, I don’t think it’d be enough of an explanation. I’ve been part of this team since July of 2017. At the time I was getting ready to move off to college, and didn’t want to leave the KSI community. In this move I had to leave behind my Xbox, so I couldn’t exactly help with clan-ops. This led me to take a leap of faith, and apply for the News and History Team.

Joining the team there was a small amount of members and activity was low. So, taking some initiative, I decided to help and try to get some enthusiasm within the team. If I were to guess what the team would look like today when I first joined, I wouldn’t have been able to see the friendships I’ve gained, my individual growth, or the team growth.

What News Team Means to Me Professionally

Professionally the News Team means a great deal to me. Being part of this community I always wanted to go above and beyond. On top of that, I wanted to help benefit the community. However, as we all are too aware of, real life has its bumps and curves. I didn’t expect them, and I didn’t prepare for them. I suppose I was a bit naïve at the time, and oblivious. But with that bump I lost my sight in clan-ops, and my activity took a swan dive to the curb. I didn’t every gain back the same activity I had before in clan-ops, and for a moment lost sight in my goals.

Once college came into view, and the adult life was coming towards me full speed ahead, I joined the team. I have gained huge respect to those who have led this team in success, because it honestly is a difficult department. Is it worth it? Hell yes. But it doesn’t come easy. Professionally this team is my base to helping this community. It is my way of reaching out and spreading the voices of KSI. For anything to fully succeed, we must first recognize our challenges, and take initiative to change for the better, even if it’s a bit scary.  Being part of this team, it is always amazing to see other writers taking initiative, applying motivation, and enthusiasm to their writing. Seeing the growth is truly achieving.

What News Team Means to Me Personally

Personally, this team is a huge part of my life. In all honesty it has helped me grow as an individual, and as a leader. I have become part of an idea, that is much greater than what one person can achieve. We’ve had our struggles, but we haven’t given up and I think that is what truly counts. Since joining this team, I have become part of another family. The relationships I’ve gained have impacted me hugely, and I don’t even think they realize it. True, the Head of News and History has been a huge inspiration to me. She’s a very straight forward person, it’s who she is and it’s great, because you know she expects the best from you. Guyy, the Co-Head of News has surprised us all. He is a truly an exceptional writer, and has grown tremendously. These two are my support, and I couldn’t do what I do for the team without them. They motivate me and challenge me.

I could write pages giving shout-outs to everyone who is part of our team. I’m going to be honest, I haven’t felt happiness in a while. I may laugh a lot, but it helps fill that emptiness inside. But since joining this team, going to college, and gaining these friendships, I have experienced that happiness that I lost a couple years ago. I can’t even begin to describe to you how I feel and how much this team has impacted me personally. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish the things I did this past semester without this team, and I am so thankful.


To conclude, this team is a huge part of my life and has managed helping me with my real life. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. With that being said, please continue to view our site, and even give us feedback. Our writers put a lot of hard work into their pieces, and I think you’d all enjoy them! P.S I’m the real comedian, as spoken from True herself!

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