What Does News Team Mean to Me?

KSI Guyy 77 challenges News department heads to write about what their team means to them. Check it out!


As a challenge to the News Team, my co-head, KSI Widow 7, and I asked all News members to participate in the ‘Of the Year’ nominations in the AAP section. As a reward for every member posting, every member had their choice of award.

The award that KSI Guyy 77 chose, being the first News member to post, was to request an article from both myself and Widow. His requested topic was “What does the News Team mean to you, both professionally and personally?”

Having been on the News Team for so long, this topic is definitely an easy one.

What News Team Means to Me Professionally

Joining the News Team opened a lot of doors for me. KSI Impyyy 7, former News Head and current COO of KSI, begged me to join for months. We argued, I told him it sounded boring. Eventually, his persistent requests wore me down and I joined.

Easily, I became one of the most active writers. I began to meet new people, join events I had never joined before, and better my writing skills. In what now seems like no time at all, I was helping Impyyy run the News Team. Today, I run this team with two excellent co-heads, KSI Guyy 77 and KSI Widow 7.

This department has provided me with motivation on numerous occasions. This team encourages me to be better, to set the example. I have learned so many leadership skills and been forced to fine-tune my tact.

I thoroughly believe that running this team has helped mold me into a much more patient and yet also timely kind of leader. Obviously, I certainly hope to make a lasting difference on this community through the News Team.

What News Team Means to Me Personally

Our team is like a family. We joke, learn, suffer, and work together. The most important aspect to any team is communication, and thanks to the effort put in by our members, the News Team is finally beginning to become something.

In all honesty, News is what keeps me going. The members who look up to me encourage me to be better, to become more. I could never leave these poor suckers behind. They are my friends and my motivation, after all.


The News Department is not the easiest department to run. However, the rewards are well worth it. We will continue to strive to make this department better and more glorious than it has ever been. We will continue to learn and better ourselves as leaders and as people.

Hopefully some day, the entirety of KSI will understand how rewarding it is to see your own work advertising KSI and its many aspects and wish to be a part of it.

Helpful tip: News Team is always hiring! We can always use new people because we always have new ideas.

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