KSI Speaks: What is Your Least Favorite Color and Why?

What is your least favorite color and why? Comment your thoughts!

KSI Speaks Introduction

KSI Speaks is a type of article that uses basic questions asked to multiple people. We ask the question, people answer. It becomes an article, then more people answer.

For the purpose of re-introducing what KSI speaks is, KSI was asked one very important question. What is your least favorite color and why?

What is your least favorite color and why?

KSI Impyyy 7

“My least favorite color is School Bus Orange because school buses are yellow. Like, it’s a Crayola color. Teddy Bear Brown makes sense, I guess. I just don’t like crayons. I mean, who had a say in that? Lenny, from accounting? I bet he did. He can’t see colors real well but he thought it sounded good.”

KSI Ronin 77

“I don’t like the color orange because orange doesn’t really symbolize anything good. I mean, other than orange juice. Green is grass and light sabers and controlling the galaxy. Green is lit.”

KSI Metatron 7

“My least favorite color is green. I’ve never really been a big fan of it. I don’t have any particular reason.”


“Out of all of the colors in the world, my least favorite are bright colors. I like dark colors. Why do you like spaghetti and not pizza?”

KSI GrimShot 77

“My least favorite color would have to be Baby Poop Green. It’s not bright and it’s not dark. It’s just Baby Poop Green.”

KSI Guyy 77

“I would have to say that my least favorite color is brown. It is the color of feces and of the uniforms for UPS. UPS sucks.”

KSI JessiRedJet

“My least favorite color is probably yellow. It’s just too happy. I just can’t handle it, it hurts my eyes. It’s just too much. I lowkey love some dark blue or softer colors.”

KSI AceOfDallas

“Yellow. It’s just really unpleasant. I mean, you look at that color and it’s not really a color you want to wear. Its, just, it’s the color of happiness and nobody likes that.”

KSI ToridestNut

“Brown is just too ugly. It’s just too ugly.”

KSI Boondock

“It’s got to be yellow or orange. I find yellow to be a bland and ugly color. I think I just don’t like orange because I don’t like the flavor of any candy. It is a terrible flavor.”


Let’s have some fun and see some comments!


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