Head Hunters 2018 Kick-Off – Call of Duty: WWII

The first week of our Head Hunters season recap is here! Catch the lineups here!

Welcome to Head Hunters!

This year KSI is starting out with a bang, introducing the first divisional season of Head Hunters on Call of Duty: WWII. This season will run for eight weeks, from January 26-March 13. If you would like to see the entire roster and schedule with results updated weekly click HERE. If you would like to see a break-down of the individual player and team stats click HERE.

Evolution (DW) vs Eternal Souls (ES)

If you were able to watch, the DW vs ES game it was a nail-biter. Kill after kill, the teams were back and forth. In the end, DW pulled barely ahead with only three kills between them and ES 75 to 72. KSI Taipan4 led the team with a K/D of 22/14. This final score gave DW their first win of the season. ES tried hard, and with KSIExymuisPrune leading with a K/D of 18/17 you can tell they gave it their all.

Here were the final scores (K/D):

DW – 75 Kills
KSI Taipan4 (22/14)
KSI Eternal God (15/15)
KSI TheD3adshot (15/15)
KSIxNebula (10/15)
KSI Skychild (13/13)

ES – 72 Kills
KSIExymuisPrune (18/17)
KSI Sarcasm (18/15)
KSI AtomXGen (14/9)
KSI Overkill (12/19)
KSIxTimex12346 (9/15)

Crimson Knights (CD) vs Forced Induction (FI)

Unfortunately, we were unable to watch this game because it wasn’t in the stream. From the looks of it, these Crimson Knights were on fire, with KSI Smokey leading with a K/D of 17/13. Ending the game with a crushing score of 75 to 58, FI took defeat like a champ, with KSI Cable leading with a K/D of 17/14.

Here are the finals scores (K/D):

CD – 75 Kills
KSI Smokey (17/13)
KSI Joker74 (16/11)
KSI Snaple (16/13)
KSI BloodyPup (12/12)
KSI The Hero (11/9)

FI – 58 Kills
KSI Cable (17/14)
KSI Psych (16/16)
KSI Sarin (11/18)
KSI Excalibur (8/13)
KSIxR3J3CT3D (6/14)

DM vs DL & WD vs EO

The DM vs DL game will be rescheduled shortly. Unfortunately, the WD vs EO game resulted in an automatic win for DW as EO had to forfeit.


The first week in this season of HH has not let us down. Not only was it full of massacre and bloodshed, but it also gave us a taste of what is to come. If you haven’t been keeping up with this season, my recommendation is to stay tuned – it’s gonna be brutal.

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