Divisional ‘Of the Months’ are open! Read here to learn more.

Introduction to DOTMs

The AAP team, otherwise known as the Awards and Achievements Program, is excited to announce the Divisional ‘Of the Month’ awards! This program, also known as the ‘DOTMs’, is similar to the ‘Of the Month’ program.

However, the ‘DOTMs’ are divided between divisions and only divisional leadership participates. For clarification purposes, participants are Co-founder to Division Leader.

How to Participate

As stated above, only leaders between the rank of Co-founder and Division Leader are allowed to participate. Participation is expected of all leaders.

Each leader nominates one person for each of the following ranks: Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and General. Each division has their own topic in the ‘DOTM’ section of the forums.

The AAP staff then compiles the votes and awards the most deserving nominees.

Each division has their own liaison. These liaisons are meant to assist these division leaders through the nomination process and encourage participation from all leaders. If you are currently a 7 in KSI who does not know your liaison, follow this link: Staff Liaisons


Regardless of whether or not you are a division leader, this program is important. Stand out in your division and to your leaders and you may just be recognized for it.

This program will maintain an alternating schedule with the ‘Of The Month’ nominations. Therefore, January will feature ‘DOTMs’ while February will feature ‘OTMs’, so on and so forth.

The nominations are open now! Go vote!


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