Call Of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Review

Does Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer stand up to expectations?


Since 2003 Call of Duty (COD) has been at the forefront of both PC and console gaming. With each new game comes new gameplay, storylines, and game modes. Multiplayer has always been the most awaited part of each consecutive game, giving players the ability to display their skills to other players worldwide. What does the newest addition to the COD collection have to offer? Does it live up to the high expectations that gamers have continuously held for its creators?

The Bad

Alright, so this game has a few minor issues. It takes forever and a day to load in things like skins and camouflages for guns if they load at all. Servers have been known to frequently go down and stay down for a decent amount of time. To be fair, this is to be expected of newer games and the influx of immediate gamers. Along with this, it has been known to dashboard you occasionally, as well as a spawn delay when you enter a match that has already started. This can be MAJORLY frustrating, especially if your team is down a few points. Personally, the guns in this game are not as good as past games, and the load-outs don’t meet expectations. I also have found the new menu layout to be hard to navigate and understand, and not as clean as previous COD games.

The Good

The first thing you will notice is the stellar graphics. This is by far some of the best and most realistic graphics that console games have seen as of late. Along with the graphics, the other major upside is the constant events and new game modes. A new thing that was brought into the mix is the new “Headquarters”. This gives you the ability to have a different type of interaction with other players. It also grants the ability to challenge others to a 1 vs 1 match, as well as a way to access the new contracts and an objective portion of the game. This new feature allows you different ways to earn you XP than ever before.


Overall, this game could use a few improvements, but the bones are there for yet another great COD game. I think we will continue to see updates, and eventually, we will get the finished game that meets our high expectations that the COD series has led us to hold.

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