Life of Being a General

Are you interested in what being a General looks like? Well, this is the best way to find out.


Being a leader of a squad isn’t always glory, when in fact at times it can be the exact opposite. Have you ever wondered what your Generals go through on a daily basis? Well, here is a breakdown of the everyday life of being a General. A General rises and falls with his or her squad, understanding more deeply the ups and downs of the community.

A General’s position has some truly amazing and rewarding aspects to it. Some of these aspects can be blatantly obvious to most of us, while others cannot even be put into words. While it can also be very strenuous at times, it’s almost debilitating to a person in the position. As with anything in KSI, and I quote a leader from the very community, “KSI is what you make it”. The same ideal applies when being a General. It can be the greatest experience of one’s KSI career or the worst.


In my personal opinion and experience, the pros to being a General far outweigh the cons. Being a General comes with the obvious beneficial aspects of earned respect. There are so many more subsidiary advantages to being a General that I feel are quite typically overlooked. The ability to oversee your officers growth is an unimaginable feeling that cannot be described. Taking a member with motivation and potential, and watching as well as mentoring them to become a General of their own, is hands down one of the best perks to being a General.

Now that goes hand in hand with the squad. Being able to determine the direction of your squad is an amazing responsibility. A responsibility nonetheless, one must understand that certain decisions can make or break a squad. People’s mentalities, motivation, and love for KSI are on the line everyday and a General is the face of KSI to the majority of the people within this community.

Splitting a squad is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever had the honor of doing here in KSI. When one splits a squad, you’ve achieved the master goal as a General. The true beauty of splitting a squad lies within the fact that Generals cannot do it alone. Generals must have a full officer staff behind them with experience, and they get to take that and apply it to a new beginning within their own new squad. However, with any position in KSI, the General position has its own cons to contrast the pros that come with it.


One of the major downfalls to being a General is the amount of time required to manage the job to its fullest. This is simply due to all the duties a General is responsible for, and the problems they will come across within this rank.

Another fault in becoming a General is you are now responsible for said squad. You rise with your squad, but you also fall with your squad. In any perfect squad, there are demotions and they can be difficult because we work together daily and build relationships with these people. As a General, they hold the job of not only promoting officers but also demoting officers.



The day to day tasks of Generals can be range from tedious and simple to rather complex. With this role comes heavy pros and cons. However, once you’ve accomplished your goals, the work is definitely rewarded. Although at times you are forced into situations that you would rather not be put in, even if it is for the betterment of the squad to do what needs to be done. Do you have what it takes to climb the ladder and hold the rank?

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