News Team Assemble

News Team Assemble! Make these pages tremble!


News Team assemble
make these pages of knowledge tremble
but don’t you meddle in a team so fragile
we don’t have a brick, champ, or even Mr. Ron burgandy
but we got someone almost as pretty
her name is little Miss Pinky
taking this rinky dinky team into her fragile hands
these lands that she intends to conquer
some may call her a monster
harboring the information to transcend the visionary glass
but can this team be revived from the mystical past
when Jess ran the news room
articles came out in a rhythmic boom
but soon after
came a disaster
her successors where certainly her lesser’s
just a bunch of jesters running a group
but soon the doom came
the dysfunctional rain
kat was plain as far as I know
but I wont go there after all this is suppose to be funny and informitive
not pun filled and distorded
the discord in the team
is a relic of a brittle dream
only time will tell if there is a vision to be seen
its been a long road
without a shard of hope
I hope it doesn’t turn into one big joke
but that’s what news is in this little world we live in
we want to learn but we lack direction
we need an entire disinfection
of this misdirection of lost words and broken thoughts
the news is going to be filled with have and have nots
but I hope they have the guts to stand on their own
if they ever hope to find their way home

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