Happy 4th of July, KSI

Have fun and be safe, KSI, and have a happy 4th of July.

We here at KSI hope that each and every one of you enjoys the holiday today. Several years ago, America declared its freedom from our motherland, Britain.

Since then, we’ve won numerous wars, been at the edge of technological breakthroughs and led the way as one of the world’s strongest and loudest countries.

To our neighbors to the North, Canada. Thank you for putting up with our crap.

To our estranged mother, Britain. Bad luck, mates. No hard feelings.

But beyond the jokes and playful banter, seriously, have a wonderful Friday, July 4th.

Take time to spend with friends and family. Watch fireworks burst into an array of colors in the night sky. Eat hot dogs, hamburgers, wings, steak, chicken, or whatever vegetarians eat on such an occasion until your intestines explode.

Take in a baseball game or drink copious amounts of alcohol if you’re of proper drinking.

Even if you get online to celebrate the day — or just pass the time — with your KSI family, don’t worry about recruiting or numbers. People will be here for you, ready to game and waste the day away.

But above all, be safe. Don’t let one night of fun ruin your future. Enjoy these moments, but don’t do something you’ll regret.

Have fun and be safe, KSI, and have a happy 4th of July.

Edit: The Forums is having a 4th of July Party! Follow this link, post in the thread and get an award!

By: ImPeRiiiuM


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