Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

Midnight Release: Black Ops 3

KSI Vocalz went to the Black Ops 3 midnight release and has thoughts on her first ever release party.

That anticipation you feel all week about that one new game you almost desperately desire gets about 10x worse the actual night of the release.

This was my first experience, and being so it was not entirely that bad.

Hoping to get there early and be the 1st in line, turns out coming even at 5 o’clock was still to late.

There was only 1 person ahead however and his name was Josh.

20151105_182906“I arrived at about 4 p.m. haven’t moved since unless I wanted to chill inside for a little bit,” Josh said.

He would not budge. At first that sounded crazy but later I found out why.

About 30 minutes after arrival a few others started coming up in packs. I had asked which console did they play on.

By the end of the event, these were the results:

  • Xbox One: 23
  • Xbox 360: 12
  • PS4: 21
  • PS3: 8
  • PC: 1

Out of those who got it for Xbox One, I had received 5 gamertags. One was a cop!

A bit later some of the employees would come out and hand out Mountain Dew and bumper stickers.

20151105_231224After more conversing they then came out with The Giant Zombies poster and handed a few out to the people around.

Still 2 hours to go you start talking about other things then just the game at hand.

Conversations went from BO2 to BO3 to Advanced Warfare to Dogs and Cats.

Unfortunately, you do get some negatives out of these events, especially if you are female.

I was the only female there looking to get the game, if there were any other females it was the girlfriend to one of the males waiting for the game.

My roommate was with me and everyone kept on assuming it was for him but would have a shocked expression when they found out I was the one receiving the game.

Then you get awkward moments where that one guy takes your kindness as flirting and attempts to hit on you the whole time.20151105_233752

But then finally that moment comes where there is 10 minutes left to break that awkward moment of sitting next to someone you wish you didn’t.

At 11:50 p.m. they looked outside to see this line wrapping around the building.

They allowed us to go in group at a time making a line inside to receive the game.

Standing there 2nd person in line I was the first to receive the game and the first to walk out.

Holding the game in both hands in pure excitement being watched and looked at by those still waiting outside is the only thing from keeping you acting out on your excitement.

When you’re the one driving as well you can’t help but be a professional race car driver on your way home.

At every red light I was thinking “the world’s against me” or “turn green already!”

It was quite the experience! If you have the chance, you should definitely experience a midnight release. It’s a memory you will cherish forever.

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