KSI OPINION: Not a 7? Not a problem

You can make a big difference in KSI whether you know it or not.

“You always wanna make a difference anytime you do anything even when your not a 7,” KSI Terrors 7 said.

A very common theme here in KSI is that there a some people who feel you can’t do much for KSI without having that 7 in their name.

Well there are ways that anyone can make a difference no matter what your rank is.

“Making a difference is making people feel welcome doesn’t matter what rank,” KSI xKNKYx Mama said.

There is nothing you can’t do when it comes to helping others in KSI.

A personal example is how I became a department head without being a 7.

If you are not aware of the departments in KSI they are on the forums: Graphics, Productions, News, T&E, History.

The History Team is a fairly new department in KSI. It was originally led by KSI Ghandi 7 and KSI Lafayette 7.

When I applied and got accepted into the History Team I was accepted as an archivist alongside KSI Paratroop 7.

Shortly after Ghandi had informed me that he was going to be away for a while. That he was moving and couldn’t be around for a few weeks. Asked me to help out with keeping the History Team up and running.

My initiative was to take a temporary lead on some things for the team. So I made some decisions for the team.

My first instinct was to create a chat everyone can get a hold of so we can all communicate when needed so I made a Kik chat for the History Team. I added Lafayette our Co-Head, Paratroop the other Archivist, and the group of collectors we had.

As a few weeks gone by I noticed how not much was being done we had lost 2 collectors and Lafayette was busy with the Join Area and his Division, which I couldn’t blame him for that.

I let Lafayette do his thing as I chose to help out a bit more by looking for more collectors to help out and giving the collectors things to do for the team.

Helped those who needed help and got advice every now and then from Paratroop.

Taking a little initiative in small situations can help greatly, whether you’re in Clan Ops or Web Ops.

After bringing it to Lafayette’s attention that it looked as if Ghandi was not returning Lafayette re-assured me things would be OK.

Lafayette had the plan to go for head of the department and that I would be able to help out as co-head.

At first I had no problem with him wanting to be head after all he was a 7, he had the experience, and he was already co-head of the team.

But the next few days I had been thinking about how busy he was already with WI, the join area, and other aspects that come along with being a 7.

Sometimes you have to think ahead to determine if things are going to be better for your squad or in this case department.

My thought process about this after the time to think about it was were we gonna have another Ghandi incident?

As a member of the team I got slightly concerned.

I asked advice from Paratroop which led me to seek out KSI Luci Lux 7 which after a boost of encouragement from him led me to send a message to KSI Doctor 7 telling him the situation at hand and what I had thought about it.

By going to others for help you can get answers to then help everyone else around you.

In the message to Doctor I simply described the situation at hand, listed out some of the things that I have done for the team since the situation came at hand, and offered a solution.

He told me it was going to be hard due to the fact I’m not a 7, but if I did my best there was no reason why I couldn’t assume a leadership role.

Pushing yourself to do better for the community can lead you on a better path here in KSI.

Think of the leaders we currently have in KSI whether you know them in a different division, your own division, maybe your own squad.

“Members do the work, 7s take the credit,” KSI Terrors joked.

Every 7 started out a member and without the members there are no 7s.

“The 7s here in KSI rely more on their members for success rather then themselves,” Terrors added.

Members in a squad do the hard work for the community they are the real heroes.

“Everyone has their own voice here in KSI,” KSI Starset 7 said.

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