Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021


Member Retention for Success

Come take a look what KSI xKamikaze has to say about member retention!

Member Retention in KSI

Member retention is a vital part of KSI and will determine the outcome of operations of our gaming community. KSI is split into divisions and squads. It is important that each member within a division is pulling their own weight. So we can achieve a common goal. In my experience in KSI the number one killer of member engagement is a lack of member motivation.

An unmotivated member not only fails to do their day to day tasks, but also affects the morale around the other members. Before you give up on a member, there are some things you can do to get a member back involved into the community. A member is likely good at what he or she does, but for one reason or another has lost the drive to get things done. Each and every member within KSI has a different personality and background and will understand things differently.

A KSI member is driven by goals and the resources to achieve them. Providing members with certain things to focus on and deadlines will create a sense of urgency. It also gives the member a chance to stand in the spotlight. Also, by giving out Challenges to a member causes that member to push themselves to new levels and in turn make things easier next time.

The next step is communication, it can solve a great deal of problems. Members love feedback and someone they can come to talk to when they are going through something. Listen to the member and figure out what he or she is trying to say. Trust plays an important role in being able to talk to members. The most important thing is to relentlessly stay positive when expressing your views.


As I talked about earlier members find motivation in different places. Member Retention is a great way to motivate members by making everyone feel involved. It is a great method that encourages the whole squad to get done what they need to. In the long run taking care of a problem before it becomes larger is key. The key to the success of a squad depends on happiness and a positive place to come daily.

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