December 77: Recruiting Effectively

KSI December 77 clues us into recruiting more effectively! Check it out!

December’s 5 F’s Of Recruiting Effectively

I want to give credit where credit is due. KSI Skarzx 77 wrote an awesome article detailing different ways to recruit new members into KSI – inviting friends, through mass messages, matching up with people through LFG, etc. It was his article that made me want to take the subject a step further. I think it’s important for members to know how to communicate with recruits once the recruitment process is initiated. (To read KSI Skarzx 77’s article, click HERE.)

Once you’ve made contact with a possible recruit, communication is important. It’s natural to feel awkward when asking someone if they’d like to join KSI. Establishing a positive relationship with the person can go a long way towards “winning them over”.


Game with your prospective recruit. Some people may be inclined to join KSI right off the bat but chances are, you’re gonna have to invest some time. Get to know what games your recruit likes to play and make sure they know what game or games your squad plays. Share some experiences and go for a couple chicken dinners together before taking the next step. For lack of better words, make them a “bro”.


Keep interactions with your recruit positive and upbeat. No one wants to hang out with a boring person. Show them your awesome personality and if your personality isn’t awesome, fix it. Find a connection – games you both like, something personal, a hobby, a real life experience. Try to relate to them in more than one way if possible. Introducing them to other KSI members can have a distinctly positive influence on their future involvement in the squad.


Explain what KSI is. When you have an opportunity, go over the basic details of membership, rank structure and gamenights. Walk them through how the recruitment process works but don’t get too technical. Keep things easy to understand. You don’t want them getting overwhelmed when they go to add the recruit club, change their location, bio and privacy settings. Let them know about the forums and give them the websites in case they want to do some research. The KSI websites are: and

Follow Through 

Once your recruit is trained and oriented into your squad, make sure you keep in touch with them. Introduce them to other members and check that they have the officer staff on their friends list. Interact with them in the Discord chat. Loyalty is always a good thing. Show your recruit that KSI is more than just a run-of-the-mill gaming community. The “family feel” is what keeps members invested. It’s the reason why most of us choose to stay here.


To this day I still remember my recruiter. I’m sure it’s the same for 99% of the people in KSI. It’s an important connection. Check in with your recruit down the road and try to game with them once in a while. Make sure you’re available to answer questions as they get more involved in the community. Your gamertag will always be in their bio. It’s a big deal.

To quote Skarzx 77, when recruiting someone “a lot will depend on the game, timing, and people but the best thing to do as a recruiter is to never give up”. Every person is different and no situation is the same. As a recruiter, you can be consistent. You can be that positive influence that someone may desperately need. Eventually you’ll come across that random person who really wants to join a clan. Prepare yourself now so that when that day comes, you can effectively do your job as a recruiter.

Article by KSI December 77

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