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SYTYCW: Prank Game Release

SYTYCW: Prank Game Release winners are announced here! Would you buy any of these games?

Prank Game Release

This month, KSI members were to asked to come out with a release statement of a prank game. Have you ever had an idea for a game to come out? Come up with a prank release statement and help us celebrate the prank-filled theme of April.


KSI ShadowFoxx

The Darkness 3:

Back on the XBOX 360, there was a game called The Darkness. The game was based off a comic book, in which the main character is named Jackie Estacado. Jackie is a Mafia hitman, who, on his 21st birthday, ended up getting the power of the Darkness.

With this new found power, he can now access the another dimension and control demons as well as other creatures from hell. The first two games were breath taking, they followed the comic’s pretty well without spoiling the main story line in this universe. In each universe, there is a different bearer of darkness and only one person can hold the power at a time.

At the end of the second game, they ended it with the “death” of the love of Jackie’s life, Jenny Romano. You have the choice to hold onto Jenny and never let her go, if you let Jenny go she ends up turning into a “angel” with her own powers. Jenny admits she is no match to Jackie and his new found strength and leaves him in hell.

This would be a some what decent ending for the game series if you were not aware of the comic’s or the story line of Jackie and his family. They had rumors of a third game that would continue on the story line of Jackie and his family.

The way I would like to see this game play out is that, Jackie ends up roaming around hell gathering what is left of his army to escape. Jackie ends up making it back to earth where he finds that “Jenny” cleared up the demons, and plays the childhood friends and lovers card to gain access to Jenny’s soul where he can once again control her and can restart his life with her.

Jenny and Jackie end up getting married and have their daughter Hope who is half demon half angel. Once Hope reaches the age of six, she gains control over the under world and will have her demon army to do with as she pleases. Due to the fact that naturally, the angels and demons are supposed to be at war, Hope (Demon God) and her mother (Angel God) will end up having to defeat each other.

Which wouldn’t happen until Hope’s powers are detected, Hopes powers are not detected until it’s too late and she has complete control over the demon army and kills her mother. A plot twist happens where Hope finds out she has an older brother which will not be announced until The Darkness 4.

KSI Nebula

Diablo Adventures: Primal’s Return


Originally, Diablo III(3) is an action role-playing video game. This will also be a RPG, but would be more like Skyrim or Dragon Age! Where instead of looking from above like all the normal Diablos, this could be the regular third person or first person Perspective.

You’d scour the lands looking for loot and killing Demons, it would be open to 8 people to feature raid bosses, Like Diablo! It would be similar fights like in Destiny’s Crotas End raid. You’d kill the Raid Boss which is on a skill level-10, while the normal bosses are skill rank- (3-5) depending on your own level.

The raid bosses would drop at least one black tier gear, which you can only have two of on a character at a time, but they have special perks and abilities! Very powerful to have! This game would change the featured raid boss, every week, where you’d need to grab specific ingredients to summon that specific boss. The raids bosses willA?feature Angels like Imperious, or Demons like Diablo.

You can also customize your own characters appearance to fully dive into the immersive content which has never been used in the Diablo Universe! I’d love to see updates continuing fixing bugs or adding characters, I want there to still be specific classes, where you pick a class and are limited only to what is allowed, I don’t want a Classless system like Skyrim where you can change whenever or heal and shoot a bow and arrow. I also want them to keep the difficultly settings, (Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, then Torment 1-13) and the Greater Rift System should be worked on and is a lot of fun to have in a game. Seasonal is included as well!

The storyline will continue from after Diablo III, around 20 years later, Tyrael has sadly passed, but his chief has his sword and has inherited his angelic powers as well. You get to pick a faction, the Demons or the Angels, and follow their specific campaign where sometimes they have the same mission, and work against or with each other!

This would be the IDEAL Game for me and I want to say a lot of people in KSI that still play Diablo! They would advertise the game by having a live action video of 6 people running to the raid boss, slaying demons on their left and right, then they come face to face to the main boss of the campaign, a lord of the void, which is a place where the fallen go to, a man has slowly been absorbing all the souls of all the demons and people we’ve killing, also absorbing the Fallen Primals that we’ve killed, also Tyrael and Malthael.

All into one being, seeking destruction and making his own kingdom. Each time we fight one of his minions, whom he’s given one of the souls to and their powers, they get released and starts to work with us to fight the void.


I would personally love to see a well developed video game about the American Civil War. Being a history buff, I really enjoy seeing video games that depict certain time periods/wars throughout history and the story that goes with them.

Up to this point, we have seen numerous video games about World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Cold War, etc., but we have yet to see a really good game about the Civil War. When I envision a game like this, I imaging it being more of a Assassins Creed like story rather than just fighting the “bad guys”.

What I mean by this is that the game focuses more on the story behind and theA?history of the Civil WarA?instead of just the fighting/violence itself. I seem to enjoy video games that teach a lesson (particularly a history lesson) while also being fun at the same time.


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