Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Leadership Highlight: Member Retention

Member Renton is talked about in almost every meeting, workshop, and education program but I cannot stress enough that every single member matters. Whether that member is a Corporal of five years or a Recruit of one day, they are important. We must remember that squads do not consist of numbers but rather a family of gamers. Behind each Gamertag is a person and that individual plays a role in our community every time they turn their Xbox on. We must actively pursue a relationship with all members and that is the key to a positive community experience.

As an Officer, it is required to converse with all members but that often doesna??t happen. Keeping up with twenty or more people can be a chaotic task but it shouldna??t be viewed as dreadful or annoying. It should be a desire for you to engage with members, something that you cannot live without.

Some people are more social than others and talking with multiple people at once isna??t difficult for them. However, for some it actually can be a daunting task and you might have a fear of reaching out to people. If this is the case, then I recommend starting out with a small group consisting of your officers. Get familiar with them and then branch out to other members slowly. I do want to be clear here, you cannot create a clichAc with your officers, you must branch out eventually. Saying this can seem forceful but if you do create a clichAc with other officers, your squad feels abandoned and that will lead to the overall health of your declining. Try not to be a Squidward.

Retaining members is easier than you might think, our community is designed for it.  Reminding members of our annual events, weekend warfare’s and your squad’s game nights are just a few things we can do that will encourage involvement. Gamers want to game with other gamers and that is the bottom line with member retention. Game with your members. 

Written by KSI Food 7, if you are interested in writing materials like these for our community then feel free to contact me on the forums or on discord. Thanks for reading!

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