Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Leadership Highlight: Humility

Humility is the quality of being humble and means putting the needs of another person before your own. It also means not drawing attention to yourself and it can mean acknowledging that you are not always right. This can apply to leadership in many ways but we are going to discover how it can affect your squad and division. 

It is often required for leaders to put their self-interest aside and help promote the overall goal and needs of their squad or division. Doing this helps guarantee that the squad and division goals are met. An example of this can be an officer hosting a workshop but is pulled away to help solve a family issue. Being able to step up and say to yourself a??Ia??m not going to a play Smite right now, Ia??m going to host this workshop to help my fellow officera?? is a profound step in your leadership abilities. Having the mindset of helping out your fellow officers is crucial for the overall effectiveness of your officer core. 

Every squad and division has weekly goals such as the number of game nights and workshops hosted, the number of recruits joining and personal goals set by each officer. It is very important to meet these goals but we must not boast when we have achieved one. It is appropriate to celebrate of course but do not over celebrate by bragging to your fellow members about your accomplishments. This can often cause a negative mindset in other officers and cause tension. We must always remember that all goals are to be met as a team and that we must be uplifting of each other in order to achieve them. 

Acknowledging when you are wrong can sometimes be extremely difficult, especially when leading a squad. The decisions we make can have serious recourse and sometimes we cannot recover from them if we make a wrong decision. If youa??re faced with a tough decision, it is highly recommended to involve your Co-Founder but also involve your officer staff. Your officer staff will be your boots on the ground during any decision-making process and will help you during the recovery process. Acknowledge, accept and communicate to your officers when you have made a wrong decision. No one is perfect and everyone will make a wrong decision one day, but it is how we handle the situation after that speaks volumes about our leadership abilities. 

Written by the Information Team, contact KSI Food 7 if you are interested in writing materials like these for our community. Thank you for reading!

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