Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

KSI DropShot 7 is a man who while is on the board, still has time to help T&E as well as helping members daily on the forums. His contributions help move the community forward as well as make it run smoother on the Web Ops side of KSI, which does not get enough recognition as it should! As someone who is terrible at working computers, it was a fascinating discussion on how DropShot is able to work the website and do things I didn’t even know was possible! The News Team hopes Members find inspiration from Dropshot that can be used for years to come.

Obstacles dona??t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, dona??t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.

Michael Jordan

What was the major difference between climbing the web ops chain of command and the clan ops chain of command?

Well, what I will say is they are both works. Ita??s a common misconception that Web Ops is less work but thata??s not true! For the most part, we all start off in clan ops but all parts of the community do things differently. You have to adapt to a different kind of work and getting used to it. Overall ita??s the same as Clan Ops in a way to success and to grow as a leader. You have to work the main difference is the learning curve. 

With you now being the CAO, what has been the biggest difference between that and head admin?

CAO is just a step up from Head Admin. A lot is the same, as a CAO you do a lot more than a Head Admin. KSI xKing 77 taught me so much about the role. As a CAO you see more things. Ita??s a lot of back-end stuff that members wona??t see on the forums. If you have a good mentor like I did, from Head Admin to CAO ita??s a very smooth transfer. 

What has been the major struggle about being CAO?

The main issue with the website is members accessing the website. The biggest challenge is learning to be a people person, learning how to problems solve, and communicate with others. CAO is a big learning curve if you have never done the work before. Overall you have to be a people person. Members have issues with the forums a lot and you just need to know the best solution to the problem. 

How hands on are you now that you’re part of the board of directors?

Now that I am part of the board, I still have daily conversations with people in the Web Ops team. Anything that happens on the Web Ops team comes through me. I trust my team, I put people in the positions they are in because of that said trust. As a Senior Mod, I was more hands-on than I am now. I am still hands-on, but a lot of the stuff I do now is in the background that may or may not be seen on the forums site. I do a lot of work by myself to keep the forums maintained. When it comes to annual events I am very hands-on because of T&E and dealing with the events! 

With the CAO being a web ops board spot, how much communication is there between the other parts of the community?

I work with Clan Ops leadership a lot, being over Web Ops, I am also over the rejoin and join area. We have a lot of apps going on where I need Clan Ops consultations. I consult with KSI TexAngel 77 and KSI Swag 77 almost on a daily basis. I dona??t work a lot with Department Ops, however, I still help areas with that they need. May that be Adding a new area or the join/hire area. I know KSI Airborne 7 and KSI MeShell 7 come to me a lot to fix something or to add something they might need.

What was one thing you were skeptical or nervous about being the CAO?

I wasna??t really nervous about the transition, KSI xKing 77 was my mentor. He taught me so much and I was ready for that transition. The only nervous thing was being Head Admin because I was new to it. Having to learn everything and being the top guy in Web Ops was nerve-racking at first. You are the person people go to with the website. That was something I had to get used to. CAO is a big learning curve for sure. 

If you had advice for anyone wanting your spot, what would it be?

Anyone in the community or at all, July will be my 9 year anniversary. It has been and will be a tough ride, anyone trying to rise through the ranks in any part of the community, there are going to be great times, and bad times. You’re going to go through real-life stuff and KSI stuff, one thing I wish I knew going through the ranks is dona??t be afraid to take some time for yourself. Recharge your brain, recharge your self, and take care of things in your personal life.

We dona??t think at times we have the time to do things we need to do. My biggest advice is to take time. Leadership will understand that you need time to recharge and to take breaks for your mental health. Take care of yourself, if you need help please go to your leaders thata??s what they are there for! Take time for yourself or talk to your leaders and dona??t be afraid of it. We have a lot of great minds here and sometimes it takes time to get yourself and others to that point. We have great leaders here who put in the time, work but ita??s still important to take time for yourself! 

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