Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

I had a few moments to catch up with the Chaos Syndicates’ newest General KSI Sinon! Sinon is a unique individual with eye-opening views, have a read and see what he had to say!

In a few short sentences, what are your favorite and worst memories in KSI thus far? 

 My favorite memory so far has to be when we split from Doom and formed Calamity. I was happy to take the position as General, the experience humbled me as an officer. Although it came with great things, it also came with difficult situations. My least favorite memory also involves the split. Although it was a great opportunity, we had a few people against it. There were a few bad apples causing problems that made it difficult to overcome.

What is your a??Why?a?? for KSI? 

 Ia??d like to create a gaming environment that eventually, my children would join once they become of age. A place with no toxicity.

What drives you to become a better member of the community?

 Going back to the last one, Ia??d like to make sure the community is safe and welcoming. I want it safe so my children would be able to play in it. I dona??t particularly appreciate dealing with toxic people. But as an officer in the community, and an NCO in the navy, Ia??ve had my fair share of it.

Who is your KSI role model, and why?

 My role model is KSI DC 7. Hea??s in this community to better it as a whole, just as I am. Hea??s there if I need him and when I need a friend just to play or hangout with. Even now I still get with him to learn a thing or two or even just to hang out.

Any advice youa??d give to up and coming officers? 

 Keep your head up, do the good work and try to bring in quality people. Set goals and do what you cana??t to reach them.

If you could go back and do anything different in your officer journey, what would you do differently? 

 Therea??s a couple people I wouldna??t have recruited. 

What are some of your future goals in the community?

 Ia??d eventually like to pick up a 7 in clan ops. When I had first joined, I had no intention of being an officer. When the opportunity came up, I took it. Now Ia??m doing what I am now.

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